My Fanart

Most people see what is and never see what can be.

Don't Piccolo and Byrn make great guards?

My Fanart
All fanart shown here will be drawn by me and will be related to my story. Just click on the thumbnails or the text link to see a larger version of the picture.

The Shizen Saga Art *Updated 12/26/02*

The Frozena Saga Art *Updated 02/14/03*

The Lidal Saga Art *Updated 01/13/03*

The Lidal's Story Art

The Mystic Saga Art *Updated 09/26/03*

The Return of Seventeen Art *Updated 01/31/04*

The Guardian Saga Art *Updated 01/31/04*

This drawing of Kitty Kyloa with Embyr
was done by Keri, one of the many great artists
at Ghost's Anime Kitties. Just click on Kitty Kyloa and she'll take you there.
Here's Keri's own personal site.