The fourth saga is now complete. The next saga will be coming soon. WARNING: I have changed the rating of this fanfic to R. This story will possess blood, violence, mild cursing, and maybe rape in future chapters. Read at your own discretion. (If you're wondering about the new ripple affect, I got it from Anfy.)
Define mystic
1. mysterious or involved in mystery.
2. a person who deals in spiritual truths or knowledge or has had a spiritual experience.

Storyline: The Z warriors have lived in peace for eight years now. Piccolo has settled into the role of being a father and mentor to his children, Lidal and Pendril. But as always, peace does not last forever. Someone is watching the Z warriors, studying them. But for what purpose? Piccolo's kids, as well as the rest of the warriors' children, are about to find out.
And what they find will change their lives forever . . .

Excerpt: I want to write it all down, while it's still fresh in my memory. It seems so long ago now . . .
Our goal was to observe and study while interacting as little as possible. Nothing to cause a drastic change or alteration in the timeline. Fat chance of that happening . . .

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The Mystic Saga
Written by: Ali Mystic

It Was A Simple Beginning

Chapter 1:
Goal: Observe and Study

Chapter 2:
Someone New

Chapter 3:
First Blood

Chapter 4:
Beyond Horrible

Chapter 5:
The World Set Askew

Chapter 6:
The Dead Walk

Chapter 7:
Time to Run

Chapter 8:
Death Closes In

Chapter 9:
Rescue Too Late

Chapter 10:

Little Mystic Butterfly
Such a simple creature you are
But such a difficult journey you will make,
For your fate was set before your birth.

So once more rest upon my hand
Say farewell to the world you know
Then take off into flight
Time to go beyond time.

Such a distance you will go
To a world that seems unreal
Discover the mysteries of your fate
As the ocean of history begins to churn.

Let instinct take over
Write upon the waters
Send ripples throughout time
And once again the waters still into peace.

Now you belong in our world, my little Mystic Butterfly.

- Ali Mystic

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