A person who ignores his history has no past and no future.

Skorch scolding Goku. Some things never change.

UPDATE 01/31/04: Okay, as you've probably noticed, this is one major update. I did an over haul of the site and had to learn some new html to get it done. This is probably the last time I'll do this. The redesign is to commemorate the two year anniversary of the site and getting over 10,000 hits.
Now, let's see. What's new. I've begun two new fics: THE RETURN OF SEVENTEEN and THE GUARDIAN SAGA, the latter being the long awaited sequel to THE MYSTIC SAGA. I've put up several new drawings, added another part to the timeline, a new poem in the poetry section, four new character profiles and updated the misc. Don't expect another update for awhile. I'm wiped.
UPDATE 09/26/03: Sorry I took so long guys but I had some trouble writing this last chapter. Yeah, that's right. Chapter 10 is the last chapter of THE MYSTIC SAGA. And I think you guys will be surprised by the ending. Let's move on before I reveal anything. Besides the chapter, I've posted two new drawings in the Fanart section. Hope you guys like them. By the way, thanks to everyone who reviewed and encouraged me through this fic to finish what I started. And don't worry, Iíll be writing a sequel. Itíll probably be my last one for the DBZLO series. Maybe I'll start a new fanfic series. I don't know. I'm not sure yet. Now go read the new chapter. That's what you're all here for!
Oh, I didn't notice at first but the site has gotten over 10,000 hits. Yay me! Maybe I should add something new to commemorate this. Anybody have any suggestions on what they would like see on the site?
UPDATE 06/14/03: Hey guys! It's update time again! And this time I finally have something besides a new chapter. I finished Chapter 9 of THE MYSTIC SAGA ahead of schedule so I went ahead and finished up some art I'd been working on. Two new drawings in the Fanart section! I've also added a couple things to Misc. Hope you guys all enjoy it!
UPDATE 05/31/03: School is officially out for the summer! For me at least. And to celebrate, here's a whole new chapter for you guys! Chapter 8 of THE MYSTIC SAGA is now posted! I've also added another page to the miscellaneous for you guys to check. I've been searching the net for some neat stuff to add there but I can't surf all the time so help me out here guys. Drop me a line with a link if you come across anything neat or cool or just plain funny.
UPDATE 04/18/03: Spring Break is here! For me at least. Too bad it's only a week long. Maybe then I could get more done. For now, all I've got for this update is Chapter 7 of THE MYSTIC SAGA. I guess the fic is the most important thing. I'll work as fast as I can to get more done for the next update. Thanks for visiting and enjoy the reading!
UPDATE 02/14/03: Sorry that it's been awhile but I waited 'til I finished some drawings I was working on before updating. Let's see. I've posted Chapter 6 of THE MYSTIC SAGA, five new drawings in fanart, and some more stuff in misc. And if you look below, I won an award from Vegeta's DBZ Place. Check out her site, it's really neat. Until next time!
UPDATE 01/13/03: As you can see, I redesigned the site a bit and made an entrance but it's still the same link. I decided the site needed a major change to mark the fact that this site has now been online for a whole year. Where did the time go? Anyway, my classes have started up again but I did get another chapter done for THE MYSTIC SAGA and posted it. This semester should go easier and I should have enough time to write. We'll see. I've also updated new things in Fanart, Character Profiles, Misc, and Links. Oh yeah. I went ahead and put aside a page for past updates so if you want you can catch up. Oh and I've won two 2003 Anime Fanfic Oscars: Best Female Author & Best Adapted Fanfic from the anime show. Go me! Later all!
UPDATE 12/26/02: Hi Everyone! IíM BACK!!! You guys probably thought I dropped off the face of the Earth, didnít you? Hope you guys all had a happy Chirstmas. Iím sorry I havenít updated in so long. College took up most of my free time. To make it up to you guys, Iíve posted two new chapters. Iíll write as fast as I can to get more done.

Well, now done to business. This is a really long & big update, so bear with me. Like I said earlier, two new chapters of THE MYSTIC SAGA have been posted. And with my new free time of vacation, I've been drawing like crazy to pass the time, so there are 16 new drawings in the fanart section. Now I'm so sick of drawing I probably won't update that section again for awhile. There are also three new character profiles, two new polls, and one new poem. I've added some links to the links page and there's a new page of miscellaneous . . . stuff. And here's a treat: a new quiz. Which species of Dragonball Z are you?

Iíve been working hard to catch up before the new semester starts, so how about a little praise? R&R! Later all! Hope you have a happy New Year!

UPDATE 8/17/02: I've been typing all morning just so I could get this chapter out today so you guys better appreciate this! Chapter 2 of THE MYSTIC SAGA is up and ready to be read by anyone willing to read. (Hopefully there are people willing to read!) Please Review! I've also put up two new drawings in the fanart section and if I have time later I'll put up a new character profile. Or maybe I'll save it for the next update. We'll just have to see.
Update 8/18/02: I've been working all day and most of the night to bring you guys a midnight update! Three new drawings in the fanart section and that new character profile I promised you! So please, go check them out and then send me some praise, if you don't mind.
UPDATE 8/09/02: You guys probably thought I was never going to write another story and I sincerely apologize for not getting the new saga out to you guys sooner. The reasons are long and many and you probably don't want to hear them anyway, so on to the update. The fourth saga, THE MYSTIC SAGA, has begun! Go to the fanfiction section to check it out. And I've added a new gallery with two new drawings for the new saga. Let me know what you guys think of them!
UPDATE 7/27/02: Sorry guys but the next saga is still not ready yet. I'm working on it though! Meanwhile I've created a quiz that I think you guys should find interesting. The quiz is to find out, just like Piccolo and the others did during Chi training, what Element you are attuned to. Fire, Air, Water, or Earth? It's just for fun, so try it out. You might be surprised. I've also added a few links to the links page. And I've joined a couple new webrings you can surf. Side note: The mailing list is working again.