Otaku Senshi

"V-Babe, what's an Otaku Senshi?"
A Sailor Scout created by one of Naoko Takeuchi's fans! Obviously, you won't find these senshi on TV or in Mixx.

Anyway, click on a link to meet some Otaku Senshi that have found their way to this page!

Sailor Water-from Gabrielle
Sailor Harmony-from Ken
Sailor Fox-from Kitsunemajic
Sailor Mortem-from Mel
Sailor America-from V-Babe
Sailor Sky-from V-Babe
Sailor Charon-from V-Babe

Want to send me a Senshi? Great!
All you have to do is send these three things my way:
1. A picture of your senshi wearing their uniform (Sailor Starlight uniforms are OK.)
Yes, a picture IS required. If you don't have a scanner, don't think you draw very well, ect. go to The Tower of Time and if you're polite they'll help you out. You could also use the Otaku Senshi Sailor X generator at Sailor Galleries
2. Your senshi's intro (I'll put this at the top of the page)
3. A profile of your senshi. It can contain as much or little information as you want.
Keep in mind Otaku Senshi can be guys, or even animals!

Stuck as to what kind of senshi to create? Here are some suggestions as to what to name your senshi after:
A Country (ex. Sailor Korea, Sailor Canada)
A City (ex. Sailor Charleston, Sailor Paris)
A Concept, Emotion, or Idea (ex. Sailor Justice, Sailor Love, Sailor Freedom)*
Your School
A Star or Constellation (ex. Sailor Alpha Centari, Sailor Orion)
An Animal (ex. Sailor Dog, Sailor Tiger)
Or you can name your senshi after something absolutly ridiculous and off-the-wall (ex. Sailor Drier Lint, Sailor Moth)

*Senshi that are named specifically after hate groups will not be accepted!
Allow me to Clarify: Sailor Socialist, Sailor Confederate, Sailor SCLC, and similar names are perfectly fine. What's NOT fine are names like Sailor KKK, Sailor Nazi, ect.