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Anime Wallpapers

Welcome to my Anime Wallpapers Section. I hope that the new format will make it easier for you to find what you are looking for. All wallpapers are now scaled to 768 x 1024. This is mainly because of my hard drive crash, I no longer have the 600 x 800 scale files. Sorry about that, but my screen is set to 768 x 1024 so those files where burned to a CD so that I did not have to store them on my hard drive unless it happened to the wallpaper that I was using at the time.

Arc the Lad

Arc the Lad Wallpaper
Elk and Shu for Arc the Lad
This was a easy wallpaper to make, all I had to do was scan it. It came from the insert page in the second DVD.
File Size: 98.2Kb
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Ayashi no Ceres

Ayashi no Ceres- Ying Yang
Aya and Ceres
I just got an Ayashi no Ceres art book, so this is a warning, you may see a lot of Ceres wallpapers in the next couple of updates. Anyhow… The original picture I scanned out of my art book (duh, bet you had a hard time guessing that) and than I scanned a yin yang sticker that I had in my sticker box. I change that colors on the sticker to make it match the picture a little better. From there all I did was cut and paste (and fade) it over top.
File Size: 208Kb
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A Perfect Pedicure
Aya from Ayashi no Ceres
I did warn you. This wallpaper took a lot of time to get even close to right. But I like the way it came out.
File Size: 143Kb
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Ayashi No Ceres
Another Ayashi no Ceres
Guess what it's another Ayashi no Ceres wallpaper. If you can't tell, I really like this series. This wallpaper took about an hour and a half to do because the original picture had writing over it. I you look close you can still see where it was.
File Size: 125Kb
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Sakura and Kero from Cardcaptor Sakura
The second Cardcaptor Sakura wallpaper that I have made. I think I like the first one better but I going to post this one anyway.
File Size: 108Kb
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School Days
Sakura and Kero-chan
In honor or horror of back to school I though that now would be a great time to post this wallpaper. I scanned to picture of the back of one of my graphic novels. This one did not take much to make it work, just a crop here and a crop there the get the size right.
File Size: 85.3Kb
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Sweet Summer
Sakura and Kero-chan Again
Sniffle… Summer is over… Okay… Just like that one above, I scanned this off of the back of a graphic novel too.
File Size: 90.3Kb
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Sadon and May for Dragoon I made this wallpaper when I was very bored one night. I actually wanted to put Prince Layen on it but I could not find any pictures of him.
File Size: 169Kb
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Fushigi Yugi

Sorrow and Passion
Tamahome and Nakago from Fushigi Yugi Oh I have yet to warn you, I am so hooked on this series it's really not funny. This wallpaper features one of my favorite characters and one of my least favorite characters, but the picture was so cool it had to be made into a wallpaper.
File Size: 73.9Kb
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The Scroll
The Suzaku Seven Another "Fushigi Yugi" wallpaper. This one features the Suzaku Seven on Suzaku's copy of "The Universe of the Four Gods" scroll. This is another picture that screamed make me into a wallpaper, so I did. (Another warning: If you don't like red, run from this picture.)
File Size: 113Kb
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The Seven Stars
The Suzaku Seven Another "Fushigi Yugi" wallpaper. This took a while to make. The concept was simple enough bu tit took forever to find a border for the picter on the right. I finally scanned and edited a border from a Magic Knight Rayearth box.
File Size: 128Kb
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Gundam Wing

I Will Survive
This is a picture that I scan from one of my calendars, but the picture was to big to scan in one shot so, I had to scan it in, in three section and then put it back together. Not fun at all! I was a pain getting the picture to line up right again. This is the first wallpaper in the quotes series.
File Size: 111Kb
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SD Gundam Wing
SD Gundam Wing characters
Kawaii!!! I found this picture in one of my graphic novels and it's just too cute!
File Size: 199Kb
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Magic Knight Rayearth

Sweet Dreams
Lantis, Eagle and Hikaru This is the first wallpaper that was made because of a request. My mom found the original picture and asked me to make it in to a wallpaper for her. Which is great, except that the original picture was kind of small.
File Size: 198Kb
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Rurouni Kenshin

Sanosuke from Rurouni Kenshin This is a picture that I scan from one of my calendars. I had it hanging on my wall for a long time and just noticed that it would make a great wallpaper the other day. By the way, the thumbnail on this wallpaper does not do much for it. The picture looks much better at full size, but this was the best thumbnail of the bunch (four or five) I made.
File Size: 124Kb
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Kenshin from Rurouni Kenshin Another scan from one of my calendars. You know calendars have some great pictures.
File Size: 130Kb
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New Beginnings
Kenshin and cherry blossoms
This wallpaper took almost 6 hours to complete. I made two versions of it and this is the on that I liked the best. If you want too see the other one let me know, and I will post it. I called this one New Beginning because that is what spring means.
File Size: 144Kb
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It's Yahiko!
This wallpaper took a little time to make but I like the way it came out. It's a very clean looking wallpaper.
File Size: 76.1Kb
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Twin Signal

Sibling Rilverly?
Signal and Pulse
I wish there was more animated for this series, it's so much fun. This wallpaper was made while I was watching the OAV for about the fifth time. I'm going to have to find the manga some time.
File Size: 152Kb
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Weiß Kreuz

Aya from Weiß Kreuz
This one was a simple enough wallpaper to make once I got Aya cut out from the black background he was on. That took forever! Other than that, it's just a simple cut and paste job.
File Size: 63.5Kb
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