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Saph Phyre's Artwork


So here is my original characters and a little bit about them. These characters, unlike the ones in the fan-art section I do own, so please donít steal them. Thank you.

An original character named WillowHere it is, one of original characters. Her name is Willow and she is half elf and half human. Iím still working out the rest of the character in the story, but I will post them too when I finish them. They will either star in my own online manga or a fan-fiction type story. I have yet to decide...
File size: 57.2kb
An original character named Saph PhyreHere is the very first character that I ever created. Her name is Saph Phyre. Yes, just like my screen name. I created her for a role play that never got started.
File size: 77.3Kb
An original character named KizumiKizumi was my first Dungeons and Dragonsí character. She is a cleric of Lathander, the Forgotten Realmsí deity of the dawn. She is quick tempered, but quite. This picture is how she looked when she first set out on her adventure. As such at this point is level 4.
File size: 54.3Kb
An original character named Kizumi, version 2This snapshot comes from about halfway through Kizumiís travels. The picture is from just after she thought that her traveling companion, Laton, a human wizard, had attacked and betrayed her trust in him. She later learn the truth behind what had happened and her faith in Laton was restored, but the incident still hunts her. I would say that she was about 12th to 14th level at this point, but Iím not really sure anymore.
File size: 102Kb
An original character named Kizumi, version 3The final picture I drew of Kizumi, this comes near the end of her journey. After the incident from the above picture, she cut her hair so that it fell just below her ears. At this point it has grown back some. Also by this point in the game she has earned the title of a Divine Agent of Lathander and is also an Epic Character. For those who donít know D&D that means that she has passed level 20. By the end of the game her and Laton decided to marry, and have both made cameos in another story.
File size: 51Kb
An original character named SierraThis is Sierra, another of my D&D characters. Although like Saph Phyre, her game never got started. Dispite that, she is one of my most devoloped characters as far as background goes. She was created of a Spec-Ops game, and Iím hoping that one day I actually get to play her in a game. She specializes in tactics and thrown weapons..
File size: 64.3Kb
An original character named MirrannaMirranna is a long story, but I will make it short. I wanted a different character so I decide to play a Wild Elf. Wild Elves have two favorite classes, barbarian and sorcerer. So here is my elven barbarian sorceress. She never really got to far along in her story, but I would like to try the concept again, I just have to find the right game to play her in. Also I think I will make her more of a ranger sorceress, just for the fact that I wanted her to be a hunter and that is hard to do with the barbarian class..
File size: 39.6Kb