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Saph Phyre's Artwork


Well here is the first scan of some of my charcoal drawings. There will be more to come, I just have to find time to either find my old work or draw new stuff. There will probably be a lot of drawings of fabric folds and people in this section.
A study of folds in fabricWell here is the first, not much to write home about really, but at least Iím gettting something up here now. I really think this picture could have been a lot better if three things had happened differently. First, if I had actually had my artbin with me, so that I didnít have a brand of charcoal that I had never used before. Next would be the fact that the light kept changing on me so I kept have to go back and change the shadows. Finally, and what would have helped the most, is if my boyfriendís brotherís dog, Cocoa, had not eatten my smudge stick.
File size: 99.5kb