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Saph Phyre's Artwork


Well here it is, my very own artwork! There is not much here yet but I promise that this section will grow. All pictures are shown as thumbnails, just click on them to see the full size picture. Warning some pictures are fairly large.
Now for so legal stuff: I don't own these characters and I don't claim to, they belong to their respected companies, you know who they are. Basically the only thing I own here is my artwork seeing as how, I drew it. Well I guess that covers the legal stuff, now on with the pictures.

Gohan This is a picture of Gohan from "Dragonball Z" that I draw in 1999. I actually drew it at work, then shaded it when I got home that afternoon. I tried to color it but I did not like the why it came out, so I decided to post the black and white one. If you want to see the colored one let me know.
File size: 114kb
FlikThis was a picture that I drew for my mom, Flik happens to be one of her favorite video game characters. Just in case... This is Flik from "Suikoden." Again I drew this one back in 1999 and the coloring on this one was an experement. Well as it turns out I ended up liking it so, here it is.
File size: 087kb
SparkThis pictory was also drawn in 1999 and is a picture of Spark from "Record of Lodoss War: Cronicles of the Heroic Knight."
File size: 158kb
RudyAgain drawn in 1999, this picture of Rudy from "Wild Arms" was original started at least a year earlier. I had stared it and then put it inside the strategy guide. I found it when I went to play the game again. I put playing the game aside to finish the picture.
File size: 172kb
TrunksIt's Trunks! Trunks from "Dragonball Z is one os my favorite characters. Is is a picture of him that I drew back in 1999. I colored it with oil pastels and the black background is actually "puffy paint" or fabric paint.
File size: 158kb
ZechsThis picture of Zechs from "Gundam Wing" did not come out haow I had plan it to but I ended up liking it more than what I had planned so I went ahead and colored it. This picture was drawn on May 11, 2000.
File size: 148kb
Super Deformed Video Game CharactersA bunch of super dreformed video game characters that I drew when I was really bored. How many of them can you name?
File size: 352kb
Animerica printed this pic in their Drawn back in 2000, this picture of Shuten Douji from "Samarai Troopers" (Anubis from "Ronin Warriors") This was the very first picture that I ever sent off to anyone. I sent it to Animeria for their "He's so dreamy" theme. It was printed too! Too Coooool!!!
File size: 128kb
A really young Laguna. Sorry about the paperOne of the first picture that I drew in 2001, this picture of Laguna from "Final Fantasy VIII" did not start out as him. I was trying to draw an original character but it did not work. Oh and by the way...sorry about the paper.
File size: 77kb
My first Anime style pictureThis is the very first anime style picture that I ever drew. Drawn back in 1997, I found it in my old sketch diary while I was cleaning out my bookshelves. So, what do you think?.
File size: 114kb
A pencil sketch of Trowa BartonThis was another picture that I found in one of my old sketch diaries. I can remember drawing this at work one weekend when it was really slow. I never got around to actually inking it, but it scanned okay as a pencil sketch so I decided not to go back and ink it..
File size: 76.6kb