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The Warning Label

     NOTE: Please don't be offended by anything you see on this list. It's fine if you don't approve of some of these terms, be they on a moral or personal level, but please don't take your opinion out on anyone else.

      If you're a veteran Anime/Manga websurfer or a fanfic afficianado then you're probably familiar with these terms. But for those of you who aren't, please read the list below so you won't be confused or unnerved by the labels you'll see around this site.

This site may contain any or all of the following:
Shounen-ai/Yoai: Both these terms means homosexual love. More specifically, Shounen-ai is just two males in a relationship, Yoai is the *ahem* graphic details of this relaitonship.

Citrus:Lemons & Limes. All these terms mean is the degree of sexual content in a fic. For the most part, limes are kissing and maybe a little touching, whereas lemons are full-blown sex. Sorry, no lemons here.

Profanity: Yes, the fics in this archive do contain profanity. However, none of the swearing is overly offensive or profuese and God's name is never used in vain.

Angst: Mental anguish.

Violence: Violent content.

Sap: Sweet, mushy, romatic stuff.

      P.S. Sorry for the abrupt lack of images on this page, but to be honest, I wanted to make it as neutral as possible considering the um, content.

      ~Otaku no Hime, Webmaster.


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