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The Fics

          Well, here we are! There aren't too many fics right now, but we here at OD-QUAF hope that you like our meager offering. If you want to submit your own fic please click HERE.

          Thanks for reading and don't forget to review! It only takes a minute and it makes everyone's day. ^_^

          ~The Management



A Giant and the Lion Cub 
By Zosocrowe

Part: 1 2 3

          A Giant and the Lion Cub is a Rurouni Kenshin fic featuring Kenji, Kenshin and Karou's son. This is a darling and insightful piece. 12 parts in all with a sequel soon to be posted. Warning: None



Of Two Minds 
By Colleen

Part: 1

         Of Two Minds is a Rurouni Kenshin fanfic from Kenshin's P.O.V. It is filled with excellent description and really gets your mind working. Sorry for the pun... Warning: Some Volience, Angst



 Unexpected Job Benefits
By Lady Robyn

         Unexpected Job Benefits is an awesome Bakuretsu (Sorcerer) Hunters fanfic with the following warning: Shounen-ai  




The Way Things Are
By NekoMegami_Chan
PART: 1 2 3 4  

          The Way Things Are is a Gundam Wing fanfic with the following warnings: Angst, Shounen-ai, some Violence and Profanity.

Unusual Insomnia
By NekoMegami_Chan
PART: 1  

          Unusual Insomnia is an Inuyasha fic with the following warnings: Sap (Eeew!)


Those Who Seek
By Xenagirl70
Part: 1
      Those Who Seek is a oneshot focusing mainly on Wolfwood. Violence, Angst, Profanity