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Rules for Sumbission

    Please read the rules below before submitting a fic for consideration. There aren't many but they do make a difference. 

     If your fic violates one of the rules, it'll just get sent back to you   with a little note asking you to fix the problem(s) and try again. So don't feel angry or rejected, the goal of this site is to create an archive of QUALITY, truly enjoyable fan fiction, but everyone wants to see other authors become better writers as well. ^_^


   ~The Management



     1. SPELL / GRAMMAR-CHECK: This is an important one. It's understandable that you're so eager to finish the fic that you might fly through the spell-check and miss a few things. However, if the spelling detracts from the power of the story, you'll be asked to fix it.

      2. PROFANITY / CITRUS CONTENT: OK. Profanity is alright, so long as it's not excessive or completely out of character (OOC). Sorry, no LEMONS. However, if you want to write a non-lemon version to post, we'd love to see it. We can also make it so interested parties can e-mail you a request for the 'lemon version' of your story/ story chapter. (Don't know what a lemon IS? Click HERE to find out!)

       3.YAOI / SHOUNEN-AI: Yes! We DO accept yaoi / shounen-ai fics. Please see rule #2! (Don't know that yaoi and shounen-ai are? Just click HERE to find out!)

       4. OOC (Out of Character): You've probably heard this term before and it's pretty self-explanatory. In good fan fiction, characters are presented true to form. So sorry, but the Website for Otaku Dedicated to Quality FanFiction won't be accepting any OOC work. The only exception to this rule is if you've written a parody. If you are submitting a parody, please label it as such. 



        Well, that's all folks! If you have any questions or comments on the rules here, please send an e-mail to Otaku_no_Hime

If you've read the rules and are ready to continue, click the HERE!