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Once again, I sort of twisted time again, no one has gone anywhere, I need them to be here to complete my storyÖhee heeÖso, if your looking for a RK fic that follows the script, I suggest you look else where.

Chapter 1

"No! Donít touch that!" The cry resounded through the Kamiya dojo with amazing force, followed by the deafening clatter of wood and metal hitting the floor.

Yahiko threw himself over the small toddler as the wooden rack came crashing down on top of them, spilling shinai, boken, and katana alike into a twisted heap all around them.

As the dust settled, the young swordsman pushed himself off of the boy, wincing at the sharp pain in his back. His heart was pounding in his ears, terrified at what the circumstances could have been, and shocked they managed to come out virtually unhurt spare a few minor bruises and bumps. He silently cursed himself for not paying attention to the quick little child, who still lay on the floor, his eyes wide with fear.

Himura Kenji was the spitting image of his father, even down to the samuraiís amazing speed and quick wit. His tiny head was a lionís mane of thick, fiery red hair, pulled back into a tiny ponytail, while his eyes were an amazing pale bluish-violet, not quite the same color of his fathers, being several shades lighter in hue. He even inherited the same doe like gaze, full on innocence and wonder, but Yahiko knew that behind those gentle eyes lay a swift and calculated cunning.

He picked the startled child up off the floor, holding him out at an arm's length, looking him over to make certain the boy was left unscathed by the accident.

As Yahiko grunted his satisfaction and set the boy down onto the floor, Kenshin came racing into the training hall, his face paling as he took in the destruction laying about the floor of the room. "Kenji!" he cried, relief flooding his expressions as the little boy giggled at his fatherís panicked look.

"Boom!" he laughed, pointing to the fallen rack and mess of swords.

Yahiko rolled his eyes, grabbing the boy by the nape of his small kimono, "Ya, boom alright," he muttered, shoving the squirming child into Kenshinís arms. "Heís fine Kenshin, as always."

Kenji clung to his father, one hand tangling into the deep red locks of Kenshinís hair, his face twisting indignantly at Yahikoís rough treatment, "No, Yah-baka!" he shouted, pointing a tiny finger in the young samuraiís direction, a small lip protruding in the process.

Yahiko sighed, Karouís genetics were not lost on the boy in the least bit. While he may not look like his mother, he definitely inherited her quick temper and fiery spirit. The combination of that element and Kenshinís witís made the child a time bomb in Yahikoís opinion.

Yahiko glared at the boy, "Your momís going to be pissed when she gets home," he stated, though his comment was more directed at Kenshin, "I canít believe this is the thanks I get for saving your little buttÖagain," he muttered hotly, walking stiffly out the door.

Kenshin set his son on the floor, knowing that the boy was in need of scolding for putting himself and Yahiko into danger, but the rurouni was poor when it came to lecturing his son, "Kenji-chan, what you did here was very bad, that it was. You and Yahiko could have been hurt." He wished he could call upon the strength of the battousai in situations such as this, thinking maybe the even voice and hard eyes would make his son take him seriously. It was no use though, even the battousai became a puddle of mush before his son, staying hidden deeply inside Kenshin, not wanting to be beaten down by the innocence of his childís gaze.

Kenji peered up at his father for a moment, his face growing extremely serious, as if pondering things only a child could ponder. He pointed a chubby finger behind him and stated firmly, "Mess," directing his fatherís attention to the rubble behind him.

Kenshin sighed and ruffled his sonís hair, "Iím hopeless," he thought as he began to clean up the fallen debris.


The sounds of gentle laugher and excited squeals welcomed Kaoru as she entered the gates of the dojo. She smiled lovingly and gingerly fingered the paper she held in her hand as she proceeded to the source of the ruckus.

Pausing just out of sight, she laughed softly at the scene before her. Sano sat lounging on the porch, grinning wickedly as little Kenji snatched one of Kenshinís freshly cleaned sheets off the line. He tried to run, but his short little legs became tangled into the damp fabric and he fell to the ground in a heap. Kenshin pounced onto his sonís tiny form and rolled him up into the sheet, rendering the boy completely immobile. Kenji shrieked in glee as his father deposited him into the laundry basket, stating loudly how he would have to scrub that particular sheet a bit harder than the rest.

By the state of the laundry, Karou could tell this game had gone on for quite sometime. The only laundry left on the line were the ones Kenji was too short to reach, and next to Kenshin sat a huge mass of wet, newly soiled clothes, towels, and sheets. She shook her head, smiling at her husband and sonís antics.

Kenjiís head popped out of the basket and turned to where she stood partially hidden. A puzzled look crossed his face but quickly gave way to frantic fumbling. "Ma! Ma!" he shouted, spilling himself onto the ground in his excitement.

"Heís his fatherís son," Kaoru thought, stepping from the shadows, her arms held wide to embrace the energetic little boy. "Hello my little pet," she laughed, "Have you been a good boy while I was away?"

Kenji nodded his head vigorously, his small hands searching his motherís kimono for any treats she may have brought him from town.

Kenshin stood up, dusting off his hakama and smiling sheepishly at his wife, "Welcome home kioshii. Did you have a nice day in town?"

Kaoru nodded, picking her son up and moving closer to the porch. "I got the most wonderful news today Kenshin!" She pushed the paper she held in her hand at her husband, her eyes twinkling in excitement.

Kenshin scanned the paper slowly, "This is a letter from Misao dono."

Kaoru nodded, unable to stand the suspense any longer, "Yes! Thereís going to be a festival in Kyoto and sheís invited us to come and stay with them a few days!" She looked at Kenshin pleadingly, her blue eyes dancing in delight at the idea of a festival.

Kenshin glanced at Kenji, worried how such a trip would effect the little boy, but felt himself crumble at the look in Kaoruís eyes. He nodded is agreement, "Hai Kaoru, it sounds like a fine idea."

Kaoru threw an arm around Kenshinís neck, almost dropping little Kenji, "Thank you so much Kenshin! Weíll have so much fun!" She gave him a quick kiss on the cheek before turning away and practically skipping into the dojo.

Kenshin watched them go, his son babbling away in his motherís arms. "Kyoto," Kenshin thought, "This will be the first time we all have gone back since Kenji was born." He, himself, had gone back every year to pay respect to Tomoe and visit their friends at the Aoiya, the trip was rather long, and he hoped his son would behave himself.

He smiled to himself, thinking that a trip would be a nice change of pace though, and he quietly began to rewash the laundry that sat next to him.

"KENSHIN!" he heard Kaoru shriek, "What happened to my training hall?!?"