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Welcome!  This is where I keep my Voyager fanfiction, plus some miscellaneous Voyager-related pages.
~ Myu

Star Trek: Voyager Fanfiction

The Grey
A longish alternate ending to The Q and the Grey, although viewing the episode isn't essential.
~ written July-August 2006

Post-Endgame fic centred around Janeway.
~ written August 2006

Keeping secrets isn't always easy.
~ written September-November 2006

Spring fever on Voyager - a strange story concept.
~ written March-April 2007 

A Janeway piece set during and after Counterpoint.
~ written May-July 2007 

Three Small Words
Very short add-on to Bliss.  Janeway answers Mark's message.
~ written April-July 2007 

VAMB Secret Ficlet 2007
~ written October 2007

Christmas fic - another year is almost over and Janeway is tired of going around in the same old circles.  Soppy to the extent that it just about oozes through the screen.
~ written December 2006-January 2007

A piece from Naomi's POV about Captain Janeway.  Written for VAMB's Secret Santa 2007.
~ written December 2007

Add-on to Endgame.  Captain Janeway reflects on the death of the Admiral and her future.
~ written August 2007-December 2008

Takes place during Endgame.  Admiral Janeway reflects on her reasons for changing the timeline amid clashes with Voyager's command team.
~ written December 2008-January 2011 (a work in progress if ever there was one :))

Takes place during Hunters - how the letters from the Alpha Quadrant affect and influence the command team.  Written for VAMB's Secret Santa 2010.
~ written December 2010-January 2011

Cold Water
Post-Endgame about the dynamic between Kathryn, Phoebe and Gretchen. Written for VAMB's Secret Santa 2011.
~ written December 2011-January 2012

Sometimes what you're looking for is right under your nose, or lying beside you... Written for VAMB's Secret Drabble 2012.
~ written April 2012

Takes place during Human Error - Seven's narrative contrasted with Captain Janeway's.
~ written November 2008-January 2013 (in [long] stops and [brief] starts!)

Post-Endgame - after being released from Starfleet Security, Chakotay resolves to find Janeway and tell her how he feels.
~ written September 2013-January 2014

Post-Endgame - away from Voyager, Janeway struggles to identify exactly what she's missing...or whom.
~ written December 2014-January 2015

Takes place during Year of Hell. Janeway reaches the end...before the end.
 ~ written October 2008-June 2017 (good grief)

Add-on to Workforce. Chakotay has to help Janeway remember all that she has forgotten, and more besides.
~ written January 2011-June 2017

Story Notes
My own notes about my fanfiction.  For those who like that sort of thing...



Some shippy screenshots from said episode

Cheapo Chakotay
Something I noticed in Season 2

Season 2 Notes
Notes I made while watching episodes from Season 2.  Yes, I had rather a lot of free time.


*Myu was last here in June 2017.  There will be more to some point :)