~ Drive ~
(Voyager Season 7)

I've always been very fond of my "Janeway/Chakotay offscreen relationship" theory, even if it doesn't really float at times - naturally C/7 and Janeway getting it on with a frigging hologram are two very big thorns in its side.  However, watching season 7's Drive...when Tom and B'Elanna were faffing about in the Delta Flyer I get the distinct impression that Janeway and Chakotay were having relationship drama of their own.  Observe the evidence, complete with Sailormoon-style episode subtitles and my own commentary:
(PS. Low file sizes win over quality here, because dial-up users like to look at screenshots too.  I left them a decent size to make up for the loss in clarity.)

Chakotay's jealousy
Kathryn making eyes at another?  Chakotay in a pinch!

Has Chakotay noticed where Janeway is looking?  No, I'm not sure what she's reaching for either...but I sincerely hope it's that ugly teapot.

Is Janeway smitten?  In any case, Chakotay is not happy.

...I don't know, there's just something significant about it.  Maybe Chakotay just isn't the dancing type.  He's obviously too busy staring at Kathryn's...combadge.

What are you talking about?
Flirting in the Ready Room!  A miracle romance.

Ignore the giant alien in the foreground - it's the conversation between the command team I'm interested in.

Could you be any less discreet, Chakotay?

"Are you staring at my combadge again?"
"Well actually..."

"Ssh, later!"

"Spirits, Kathryn!"

Ahem.  This one is too easy.

Guilty much?


If looks could...
Pervy First Officer?  Chakotay's wandering glance.

Chakotay still very interested in her, er, combadge...

Note that everyone turns their heads in disgust at Chakotay's blatant staring.


The relationship is clearly not without drama, either:
Trouble in paradise?  Conflict in the command team  

They even pout well together.  Did Neelix walk in on them in Astrometrics?  "Oh, I was just...fixing her combadge, heh heh!"
Either that or Kathryn still refuses to put up with that 'ancient legend' cack.

Chakotay being very possessive all of a sudden?  Back off, Tuvok - I haven't finished relating my fake ancient legend!


Size matters
Scandal on Voyager!  Sexy talk in Astrometics!

All is resolved for a smutty happy ending...

"This big?"


Also, that crewmember in the top left-hand corner seems a bit too happy.


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