Cheapo Chakotay
(Voyager Season 2)


While I was making notes on Voyager Season 2 episodes I frequently found myself bitching making snide comments about the costumes - the 'civilian clothes' in particular, although that big bunch of cloth at the back of some of the uniforms look a bit strange too.  While I was watching the episode Persistence of Vision I happened to notice something rather odd about Chakotay's pillowcase (shown in B'Elanna's hallucination):

Classy.  That extremely blurred shadow in the top right is B'Elanna, in case anyone is wondering.

Is there anything significant about it?  I mean, except that it's somewhat ugly.
It looks awfully familiar, no?
Examine exhibit B, from Resolutions:

So nice they used it twice!

At first I thought they were an exact match, but having taken screenshots...well, the patterns are quite similar but the colours aren't.  My only conclusion is that Chakotay purposely modelled this horrific waistcoat after his pillowcase.  Maybe he just likes that fresh, modern, diamond-patterned look.
Not that I have anything against diamond-patterned clothing.  After all, Pringle is from my home country and my grandads wore Pringle diamond-patterned golf jumpers for as long as I can remember.
That said, when I was born both grandads were in their sixties.  Hm. 



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