Name: Michiru S. Tenoh

Age: 20

Does: Nothing, but beg for fics and change layouts

Likes: Football (soccer), Modding message boards, Yuri, Star Trek, Cars, and Video Games

AIM: Chibi KNI 

Availability: Talk to me and see what you think.

Fave Shoujo: Haruka Tenoh, Utena Tenjou, Ri Koran, and Ms. Deep

What's up everyone? I'm the co-mistress here and I need some friends so send an IM my way if you don't mind talking to a hyper active anime and J-pop obsessed hentai! I also am a metalhead, I love rock music like Slayer, Metallica, Biohazard, Soilwork, and even some other groups like Mudvayne, Rammstien, and Breaking Benjamin. I play bass guitar in a band and that's always fun. Ugh, I don't know what else to say...




Name: Umisetsu Sakura Hibiki

Age: 16 

Does: Brains of the operation. I post the fics and tell Michi how to word everything. I also campaign for the message board. Yes, I am great!

Likes:  Dance Dance Revolution, playing guitar and drums, yuri, shoujo ai,  "Da ladies", and hentai ^__^

AIM: Hibiki no Hentai

Availability: Still looking. When I find Mrs. Right I hope she thinks the same about me (ish lame, I know)

Fave Shoujo: Maria Tachibana, Makoto Kino, Utena Tenjou, Yui Hongo, Priss Asigiri, Asuka Langly Sohryu, Ryouko Subaru, Integral Hellsing, Victoria Seras, ect. I don't want to be old and gray fantasizing in the time it takes to write them all so I'll just leave it at that.

Well minna, I'm the webmistress and I took over this site about three (?) years ago. I like to chill and read fiction, and I love music. I'm pretty lonely online, so don't be afraid to talk to me. I need love too! Michi isn't the only person on this site you know. I love to play Dance Dance Revolution, and I play drums in a band. Maybe one day I'll cheaply plug us on here too. I also like videogames and playing Mechassault and Tetris on Xbox live! My name is Za Dancing Bear if anyone wants to add me as a friend. Well, that's all I have to say for now, ja ne!


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