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Clip from Sensei No Ayamachi.

Welcome one and all to my wonderful wonderland of yaoi.  For all those who don't know, yaoi is a manga or anime about guys in love (or lust as the case may be) with other guys.  Okay, now that you know what yaoi it's decision time.  

Do I wanna stay on this humble page or do I wanna bail out?  I won't pressure you into staying, but at least give yaoi a chance.  But for all those who'd rather see something wholesome (Blaaa) and pure then please feel free to leave.

Now that we've gotten rid of those freaks.  Welcome once again to my wonderful yaoi wonderland.  In these hallowed walls you will see boy on boy love, boy on boy sex and any and everything there is in-between (There's an in-between?)!   

In my wonderland nothing will be left to the imagination!  All will be exposed, so enough of my raving and bring on the YAOI!!!!


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