Lady Kayura

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Welcome to the Wisteria Garden!! In case you haven't noticed... this is a Lady Kayura page and if you despise her, then push that back button or go to my links page... just get the hell outta here!!

Okay... I promised to update this page a lot during the summer... BUT, since I had tons of anime to watch, a computer virus to kill, and a job to keep me busy... I had no time. Anyways, before I go back to school, I'll update this page with the fanfics I found on the Net. I don't think university is going to go easy on me so don't expect me to update until X'mas or later... (sorry >_< )

My next update should be either fixing up the "Bio" page or putting up the "Kayura + Rowen" page... ^_^ And thanks to all of you who allowed me to use your pics/fics and giving me awards... Arigato!!

"When Kayura first appears, she is represented by wisteria blossoms. I wasn't quite sure why, until now. The Japanese floral calendar acknowledges wisteria as one that promotes mental clarity and improves retention. Assumably, you could take this and say that it symbolizes Kayura as the true heir to the Ancient and her later break from Talpa's hold."
Quoted from "Library of Legends: Ronin Wing"

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