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Musashi, Kojiro and Nyasuu welcome you to our Rocket Gang Shrine. It is pretty much finished, however if there is anything new you would like to see added please let us know. I would especially like to take some new fanfics. Email me some fanfics please!
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This site was born on 6/27/00

07/05/02-Added a new section: About Me! In case anyone wants to know just who is the infamous Dark Musashi :) I would also like to thank those who responded to my request for emails saying they are a Rocket fan! I will have the section up soon, and keep the emails coming! Just include your first name, age, and optional location and URL of your website if you have one. Join the Rocket Gang list!
10/14/02-Yahoo! I saw the new Pokémon movie today...I was extremely pleased with it compared to the previous one. That's right...the evil queen Musashi put her hair in ponytails, went to the movies, and sat and watched Pokémon 4Ever in shameless awe amongst snotnosed little brats. My quiz doesn't seem to be working right now, so don't be surprised if the answers don't come up. I guess quizbox.com shut down, and part of the code must have referenced things from that website. I will be leaving my old quiz up, however, working or not, until I can get a new one from a different site. Please contact me if you know of a good one, or if mine works for you. I have had this site for over two years now, so it's not surprising that some of my external links are outdated. People just aren't evil enough these days...except ME...MWAHAHAHAHA!!! heh...So...new stuff, new stuff, uh...I drew a really good pic of Musashi and Kojiro awhile back, but unfortunately I don't own a scanner, which is why none of my own fanart is featured on this website. Please continue to visit me! I love you all! *sniff* that was...beautiful...
02/01/03-Hey everyone, back again! Nothing new here, but I wanted to remind everyone that the third biggest animé convention in the Unites States, Katsucon 9, is coming up on February 14, 15, and 16 in Crystal City, MD! I can't wait, I will be there dressed as Ling Xiaoyu from Tekken 4! (Although I can't promise you'll see me, lots of people will be wearing that costume :) If you decide to go the 14th the JRock band Duel Jewel will be making its first appearance on the east coast, and on Saturday all the game tournaments (Dance Dance Revolution, Tekken, and 18 others) are taking place. Don't miss out!

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