Blood or Chocolate?
"And it only took me nearly getting shot by Septem, running across a dead body, breaking into a morgue, getting smacked by a shovel, finding a head on my car and a half-dead werewolf in my kitchen, having my back shredded and a fatal shoulder bite from a werewolf who didn't want to kill me, and a sadistic healing from a crackhead, hippie vampire with a troll lover who wanted to skin me alive. Oh, let's not forget to mention the liters of blood I've lost from nosebleeds." ~Duo Maxwell [Completed Sept. 2004]
Blood In Siberia
"Now, out of all of the actions I expected him to take, this wasn’t one of them. Wufei was the jealous, possessive type. He had a weird habit of plotting (and carrying out) the deaths of those that hurt me. For him to walk away when I was bruised and bleeding was just…un-Wufei. It also didn’t help that deep down inside, I knew that this was somehow, someway, in a bizarre twist of logic, my fault." ~Duo Maxwell [Completed April 2011]
Alliance in Blood
"Since returning from Siberia I have felt a sense of being disconnected, especially with my family. It seemed as if a gap grew wider between Hilde and I every day. The gap wasn’t because of distance and time, but because we were no longer the same species. She was human, and I felt more and more like something else. Something ‘other.’ " ~Duo Maxwell