Disclaimer: I do not own Gundam Wing or any of its characters.

Warnings: First and foremost, this fic is supposed to be a humor fic. Shounen ai and Yaoi next. Violence, blood and gore, supernatural elements, such as werewolves, vampires, evil leprechans, trolls, witches, and other stuff I think of along the way. Expect lemons, limes, death of insignificant characters, and angst. (heh!) OZ people are also going to really intermingle with the GW boys, particularly with Duo.

Synopsis: The next two months for Duo and Wufei have been going very well. Their relationship had come to a strong and steamy point when Wufei abruptly gets called to Siberia by the Prince of Werewolves, and Duo is unwillingly dragged along. Once there, it turns out to be up to Duo to find a kidnapped 'Privileged' werewolf, or else war will break out between the Shenlong and Siberian Werewolf Packs. That's kinda hard to do when said Prince is trying to get into Duo's pants...

Pairings: 5x2, 3x4, Milliardo+2, past 5x1 (and we're talking WAY in the past), Meizer+2/2+Meizer and everybody+2 (hey, everyone loves Duo).

So wake up sleepy one!
It's time to save your world
You're where the wild things are,
Toy soldiers off to war

~Where The Wild Things Are by Metallica

First Half: Second Half:
Tonight's The Night!
Sex and Olive Oil
Trouble Comes in Threes
Visit To A Jail Bird
Yantis, Attacked!
Don't Go Looking For Trouble
Trouble Is Already Looking For You
Are You Experienced?
Introducing Otto, Alphagué of L2
Silver Water's Wish
Control And Choice Are Illusions
The B.O. Club
His Highness, Prince Milliardo
An Unknown Untouchable
Friend of the Pack
Helter Skelter (The Rose Chapter)
Behind Enemy Lines
Almost A Father
Off To A Bad Start
Another Breed of Enemy
The Beauty of Necromancy
Careless Whisper
Searching for a Safe Haven
I See Who You Are
The Purpose of Clairvoyance
Burning One, Sun Ray
Closing the Door Before It Opens
Long Lost Siberian
The Man in Red
The Left Fork in the Road
Sohma House
Todo es de Color
Bring On the Wonder