Best Drama
Moonless Night [Spring 2003]
By: Helen

A Standard of Trust [Winter 2002]

By: Lady Arral

The Lover After Me Series: [Spring 2002]

The Lover After Me (Part 1); The Suicide Note (Part 2);
Quatre (Part 3); Poetry In Motion (Part 4); Fallin' (Part 5);
Wufei's Recollection (Part 6) [L]
By: Lily

Namida To Ame [Winter 2001]

By: Hazelphoenix
Best Tragedy
Best Suspense
Follow The Lights [2004]
By: The Manwell
Best Surprise
Murder and a Music Box [2004]
By: Warp
Best Horror
Best Villain
Darkside Tales [2004]
By: Maldoror

Uchuu no Kokoro [Spring 2003]

By: Sanit Une

Break Your Heart [Winter 2002]

By: Lily

Janus-Faced [Spring 2002]
Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5

By: AKA Anonymous

From The Shadows Rising [Winter 2001]

By: Lorena Manuel
Best Overall
Darkside Tales [2004]
By: Maldoror

Good Fortune: [Spring 2003]
Part 1 | Part 2 [L]

By: FancyFigures

Hunger [Spring 2003]

By: Lily

What Is Your Pleasure, Sir? [Winter 2002]

By Carole

Geisha [Spring 2002]

By: Nessa-chan

But For The Love Of My Sisters [Winter 2001]

By: Lady Bast