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Why Sailor Moon is Dumb

Why the Manga is Also Dumb

Why I Like Dubbed Anime

FAQ Why I made this site, answers to Moonie arguments, etc.

Usagi's Diary Illustrated summary of a Japanese episode, to prove that they suck too.

Things from real life which are more interesting than Sailor Moon

Drowning Serena Serena is drowning! Can you help her jump out of the water for temporary relief?

"Acceptable" Anime Good anime. Not like Sailor Moon.

"Unacceptable" Anime Actually this's pretty much the other anime I hate!

The Litter Box This may be the weirdest part of this site.

Moonie Quiz Are you a Moonie? The truth revealed! (this is horribly silly!)

Obsession Quiz Are you obsessed with anime? (this is not silly)

About Me

Anti-Sailor Moon, THE PAGE!

October 14th 2004:
Whoa! This site was deleted for about a year, but I found the CD with the files and decided to put it back up. Yup. This site is no longer being updated though. It's just HERE. Like THIS. FOR-EVEEEER! It is the vampire site, bwahaha.

Of note: For some reason the javascript sections don't seem to work anymore. I can't imagine why, they did last year and as far as I know the files haven't changed... Maybe I'll try to fix it sometime. Maybe not. Oh the uncertainty of fate.

Previous update: Last update from when I was actually updating this site on a regular basis.

SITE ESTABLISHED: Some boring day in the boring month of April 2001...

I hate Sailor Moon! In case you didn't know that already... [shuffles feet]... Well, I have something to admit to all of you... I am an ex-Sailor Moon fan. [bows head in shame] I'm sorry. But, I said EX-fan! Yes, I was saved from the life of a Moonie in the very early stages of my ailment. I have realised how stupid and ridiculous that show is! I have tasted salvation... Thank God it wasn't too late! The purpose of this page (aside from 'just to have fun and be stupid') is to help save the Moonies! SAVE OUR MOONIES! SAVE THEM ALL FROM THE TERRORS OF THEIR EVIL LIFESTLYE! SHOW THEM WHAT THE WORLD IS LIKE, FREE OF THE WRETCHEDNESS BROUGHT UPON THEM BY THIS HORRID CURSE WHICH GOES BY THE NAME OF "SAILOR MOON"...

The Stupid Stuff:
What you may be wondering is "Why are there almost no Sailor Moon pictures on this page? What's with the robots?" Well, the robots are very fitting for an anti-Sailor Moon page because they are the last thing you'd ever find on Sailor Moon. Also, that is not a heart background. It is a crossed-out heart background. Speaking of backgrounds, every single background on this site was made by ME from scratch... Oooh good job me!

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Sailor-Nickname Generator This is very primitive...

Serena's Own Threat Generator This is a bit better... I learned some more Javascript!

The Aluminum Wars Sailor Moon vs. (...) battles and other fanfics!

The Pit of Eternal Flames aka "The Biting Wit of the Moonies." Flame-mail!

The Happy World of Fun A place for all the happy mail I get!

Just like it says.

Tranquility Island Flamer's anger-managment therapy

Why Serena is the Zodiac Killer! The nearly-forgotten-about section!

Mangle Mad Moonie This is sooooo pointless!

Why Sailor Moon is Evil Literally.

Image Gallery Edited images...

Translated Gundam Manga
My site before this.

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