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days 'til Hallowe'en and Kachi's sister's birthday!!

So...this is the new-look. It's hardly revolutionary, but the other one was getting a little hard to find your way around, and it was worse to add new links! But a lot of this hasn't changed, you may or may not be glad to know. But if you have any complaints e-mail either me or Marc with your complaint, or click on the icon and fill in the feedback form below, and let us know. Your comments are always welcome!

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This keeps mucking about. If it tells you any of the pages have spontaneously combusted etc., don't believe it, it keeps having these little sulks (like someone I know *elbows Marc in the ribs*) and so, if it says there page isn't there, just keep clicking until it accepts the fact that it IS there (I know they are...).

Eveningstar Ninetails, from Cute Cute Petshop!

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