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Anime Turnpike: number one anime resource on the web. A LOT of links-you can find almost anything here.

Anime Love: I almost fell outta my chair when Rey Rey showed me this. This is like a dating service for the pathetic, the desperate, the..well fanboys. They even have dating tips.

Angelic Fire Cosplay: Angel Fire cosplay site. A lot of the pictures are from japanese cons. Go check it out if you like wings and black leather.

AngelLain Cosplay: I keep visiting this site cuz her costumes are just amazing. My favorite would be Lulu and Hinoto.

Pitch Fork Reviews: these guys really do get off on their writings. Basically a music review site with editorials, i don't agree with a lot of their comments-but its fun to read on those lonely friday nights.

Real Japan: Very interesting and informative site. Check out the Japanese Mcdonalds menu

Rooney: pop sounding rock band from So Cali. i think they're great, check them out if you like phantom planet.

Fansview: lots and lots of cosplay pics. I use them to scare my "normal" friends hahaha

Fariegrove: beautiful fairy wings, at a reasonable price. I've been wanting to get a pair for the longest time, but i kept spending money on other things :/ hehe.

Neil Gaiman: you might know him from the Sandman Comic series. Erica was talking bout his online journal during art class, so i checked it out. I like :D if you're bored go see

Sinfest: THE best online comic i have seen. Its hilarious, Tatsuya Ishida sure is witty. Personally i like all the ones on God's hand puppet.