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The Library ish a collection of works I wrote or my friend's wrote in the past. Feel free to submit works it can be anything from poems to fanfics. I don't really care as long as they're not yaoi ><.

Trigun(zip file)-By Fake Bro. Trigun script (disc 7-12) in English, translated by my fake bro (back in the days when there was no English sub Trigun).

Fandom at Another Level-By Weasel Girl. Informative essay about Fanboys I wrote for mah English class. It was rather hard to write, cuz I couldn't find any good source to cite. Feel free to correct anything on my essay.

The Nice Guy-By Weasel Girl. A descriptive I wrote for my English class. Its a fiction, so all the guys I know, don't go thinking I'm writing about you. Its actually a combination of 3 or 4 people I know mixed into one ^^. But remember its purely a fiction. *down*

Shannon: The Musical(txt file)-By Weasel Girl. The long awaited, non-edited version of my musical! A play I wrote in English class that reflects my life at school with a lil twist hehe.