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Hiyo, welcome to Weasel Girl's Escape version 6.0. A personal site about me and some of my hobbies. I try my best to update as often as i can, buts kinda hard with school going on. But as you can see i have not abandoned this place yet. Feel free to sign my guestbook before you leave. If you want to send me feedback, flames, comments, and love letters mail it to

I can't spell or write in perfect sentences, so ehh please forgive me x.x. Please inform me of any broken links or pics . Anywayz, again, PLEASE sign my guestbook. Thankyou!

7-16-02 Its been exactly 2 months since i've updated! Apparently Angelfire only gives 20 free mb now instead of 50mb! I've been cleaning out my files like crazy. I decided to delete all the wallet pics because well... everyone who cares about them probably already has them. Instead i uploaded Graduation, Senior Trip, and random pictures from the summer! Please go to Photo to check them out!
About Me: Currently up; profiles, hatelist obsessions.
Friends: Currently up; shouts, balambfish.
Photos: Currently up; wallets, dance, disney, new years, misc.
Artwork: Currently Up; fanart, original artworks.
Anime: Currently up; reviews, skins, wallpaper.
Shrine: Currently up; Ayumi, Tales of Phantasia, Australia.
Library: Currently up; essays, scripts, narratives.
Journal: Currently up; Livejournal.
Miscellaneous: Currently down