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a present from Saiyagirl for Chibi N' Kawaii's 3rd Anniversary!  Isn't it so cool!  He'll never stop walking! ^^

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since June 2002

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Note: I'm not online that often anymore, so don't be bugged if you never see me ^_^;;

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First Created: August 27, 1999
Current Version: Shades of the Blues (version 6)
"Rebirth": May 28, 2002 (for v6)
Most Visitors in a day: 42
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Quote of the Week:
"I don't even know anymore. They fused me so many times, everyone they kidnap escapes, but I'm so heavy and so disgusting..." - Blob with moose on head (Invader Zim - Abduction episode)

PROOF THAT GOTEN'S SOCKS ARE WHITE!!!!! ^^ Told you they didn't have bunnies!

Konnichiwa Goten otakus!! Welcome to Chibi N' Kawaii (or CNK for short), a shrine dedicated to the one and only Son Goten! Here you will find the usual (bios, images, blah blah blah) but with a twist. Yes, I make reading fun ^_^ Remember though, Chibi N' Kawaii also means that this site is only about chibi Goten, not your teen or GT Goten! I hope you enjoy your stay because you're stuck with this strange person... ~Webmaster Shiro

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The Updating Carbuncle!

November 3, 2005: *cough* (1:13PM Pacific)

Does anyone still go here? I mean... some of you write in my guestbook still o.o *first time I've read my GB in... three years...?* There's some uh... interesting people there o.o;

No, seriously, do people still go here? Because I'm wondering if I should restart this project...

Oh yeah... IF I ever restart on Goten Shrines again... here's a really spiffy interview that was conducted... about a rebirth of a certain site... Click Me! and I was interviewed by a fellow Goten site.. Angel of Fighters.

February 21, 2005: So uh...

So uh... is.... anyone... still here? o_o I keep thinking of updating this but I just never do. Maybe someday >.>; Even though I'm *NINETEEN* now and at *COLLEGE*... wow... times sure change. Hell, Goten shrines don't even EXIST anymore. Dragonball Angels stopped updating as well. I guess everything is dead, ne? Want me to still do things? Well.

MOTIVATE ME, my new email is

Also, if you want to know what I've been doing for the past several years, check out my Deviant Art site, its still being updated o.O But really, e-mail me or IM me at Shiro Makoto! I'll listen, I promise!!!! =D (I also heard went down, I'll look into that)

October 18, 2003: The... Return... of the Webmaster... yet? (6:20AM Pacific)

::looks around:: ::pokes at his website:: I'll say this... the fact I'm still getting an average of 10 hits per day kinda bugs me when I haven't made a real update for... for... longer then a year o___o; And I've been looking at the guestbook lately and it's filling up with immature people as well o_o; So um yeah...

I know I haven't been around in ages x.x; And I've been sick for two days now and I've actually thought about this site. I know I've been so busy I haven't had any sleep at all... I just... well... I know a tiny part of me is still in this site screaming at me to "FINISH IT! FINISH IT!!!!!" Heck, the fact people *STILL* visit everyday kinda makes me a bit guilty you know ^^;

I know that new layout I was talking about... um... never came... o.o; ...and I'm sorry about that x_x; I dunno... Hmmmm... I gots an idea!!! Because I have next to no real motivation to finish this site (I got enough to finish it one day... though that might be... 5 years o.o) you have to do the one thing every webmaster needs! Fan letters!!!!! ^~^ Okay, I know that sounds a bit selfish-like but it's true.

I hate to admit it (though we all know), the DBZ world on the net is pretty much... dead... heck, I've moved on to Naruto @_@; But the community is dead and I've noticed the Goten community died even longer before. The only Goten shrine that still updates amazingly is Risa and everyone else basically flew away with other sites to tend to x_x (though that's what I've been doing lately). But I remember reading this in an article that the only TRUE way to get a webmaster motivated is to swamp him/her with millions of fanmail ^^; It's what keeps us going... like.... drugs... ^^ Because we created websites for YOU and if we feel like we have NO fans... then what's the point in doing so x.x; So I urge you not to give me happy fan mail (chances are I'm asking for flames too o.o), but to every other webmaster you love and always visit! I'm dead serious about this o.o; I will work on this again someday with a better layout (I'm actually sick of this layout x.x;) So if you actually want to help in the revival of this site, well, just e-mail me ^^; It isn't *that* hard and won't take *that* much of your time ^^ Just let me... and other webmasters you like know you care. You dunno what kind of difference you can make =\

Oh yes... SHAMELESS PLUGGAGE!!!!!!! You can find all of my new art pics at Deviant Art and there's tons of pictures I haven't posted on this site which is now there ^^; So um... bye everyone ^^;

April 21, 2003: The Return of the Webmaster! (1:24 PM Pacific)

Could you just believe it? I swear, it feels like years since I even touched this site at all! And the counter is still actually going everyday! Even if I think only one people e-mailed me about not doing this site. You must all think I was shot huh? But I'm not! I'm alive x.x;;;; (on a sugar high). Well anyway, its Spring Break for me. I've been incredibly busy for the past months, but so much has happened. But this site... I can never forget about it. True I have no updates as usual and nothing but rant. But I really do miss this site. And the layout does look a tad bland. What does that mean? New layout coming soon of course!! ^____^ I have several ideas floating around in my head right now and I can get to work on it very soon. Oh yes, like a month ago I changed my screen name to, you guessed it, Shiro Makoto. Who would have guessed. x.x; Well anyway, I'm so grateful there's still fans who visit here, I think its the highest hit counters have ever been. But don't you worry, I'll come by with updates! But since I got nothing else to update with...

Goten community update of the past 4 months x.x; I swear, is everyone dead? With me gone, I think everyone's quieter now, yet it is all me, I'm just that important ^_~ I should really stop drinking Coke since we all know its better then Pepsi. Well anyhow... one of my favorite Goten Shrines, Heaven-Sent Innocnece died. The server deleted months worth of work. Poor Kaz u.u; Well, she restarted it and HSI is no longer a Goten Shrine since it takes way too long to do. Its now a cliche or whatever it was called. You know, a group where Goten fans talk ^^; Of course its er... currently dead since barely anyone knows about it. But everyone! You must join for the fact we must all revive the Goten community!!! We can't let our love for Goten-sama to ever die ;_; Join now ^^;;. Ummmmm.... Risa-chan of Dragonball Angels is in Japan right now for a year, so there will be next to no updates for a really long time. Every Goten shrine now these days don't update. There is *no* new Goten shrine. What is up with everything x.x;;; Is this it? Will we all die off quickly as we came? No, we can't die at all. We can't die off like the first generation of Goten shrines before us and we need younger ones to keep the tradition going. But what can we do? I will try to update more often because I'm less busy now. But we need everyone's support. *Especially* the fans! I knwo I'm talking like some raving lunatic right now. But I really sat back and thought about it. I don't know, food for thought I guess?

And what else? I finished my blog like at the end of February but I just never told you guys o.o; I actually regulary update it bi-weekly or something. And unlike everyone else the entries are really long. Which isn't surprising coming out of me I guess ^^;

Into the Mind of the Insane Psychopath

Yes its about my personal life and I rant a lot. Only interesting for some people =P I bet most people will find it incredibly boring though ^^;

That's all I need to say for now... expect a new layout sometime this week! ^^ Then er... a long time of inactivity o.o;;;

January 1, 2003: HAPPY NEW YEARS!!!!! (1:35 AM Pacific)

Yes, I'm up late... still doing paperwork for my parents x_x I must be a horrid webmaster.. no updates for a long time.. not even a rant... I'm so sorry everyone... I don't even think anyone goes here anymore ;_;

Ah yes... the point of this year.... HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!!!!!! ^_^ Its 2003! w00t! even if there is no reason to be happy =P 2000 was when the digits changed to Y2K and the dreaded Y2K bug! Then 2001 was the real turn of the century, 2002 was those er... I forgot what they were called... like how mom spelled backwards is mom o.o;; Damn x_x oh well... but whats with Y2K3? a bug? OMG Y2K3 is coming! All the comps will explodes exactly at midnight on 2003 systematically!! WE'RE ALL DOOMED... DOOMED!!!! Nah... none of that. I just hope all of you stayed late like I did and celebrated by IMing tons of people like I did ^^; Yes, I have no life =P

Life? Dunno... maybe what they said about being 16 is true... its a bit different this year... then it was every other year... though 2002 won't engrave into my skull like 2001 did x_x; ::cough:: personal story ::cough:: and such events as the dread Sept 11... For once I have lots of things for christmas! I would share but none of you care...

Wait, you do? ^^;; Skip this paragraph if you're not one of those people who've been asking me o.o; A feet tall action figure of Vash the Stampede! (with black cat included!), A pink ninja bobble head, A GOTEN KEYCHAIN, Rurouni Kenshin Wallscroll, Chinese Dragon Wal Scroll, A cool piece of fan art from my bestest friend ^^, a new jacket, a nifty braclet, Neverwinter Nights (I thought I would never get that o.o), and $40 (who i spent on my brother afterwards since I was broke o.o) ^_______^;;;; Wow... thats a lot ^^;;;;; I'm happy! Thankies everyone! You guys are the best! Best x-mas ever! usually I only get clothes ^^; I have such wonderful friends that I DON'T mind bragging XD

New Year Resolutions? Erm... none so far x_x more like resolutions of what to do before winter break ends. Remember the poll? Turns out I'm doing all 3 mini-sites simultaneously! (when i have a break off of work) yep yep! Names: Into the Mind of a Psychotic Idiot (blog), Sketchbook In the Ashes (art gallery), Tears of the Cursed Blade (My TCB story!). What does this mean for CNK!? Of course I will NEVER forget my new site!!! I won't leave you guys! Even if I'm slow to updates. It only means a few things. I won't be posting my non-Goten related fan art here anymore, fewer non-anime/goten related rants, and no more TCB promos =P That way this site will become PURE Chibi Goten n.n; Don't like the idea? Sorry! I just like this idea so much! If you have a problem with it... go talk with Melissa... she suggested the idea XD

If she gets flamed for this, she'll have my head o.o;

Anything else? Oh yes! I was going to snap shot several pics of my room (both Lisa and Ellana did it, only customary I do it too o.o show off my semi-otakuism ^^) But its still dirty... everytime i clean it, it gets twice as dirty! x_x Yes.. i clean a lot o.o; I'll get it up soon ^_^

My b-day is coming soon... does anyone remember it? That's all I'm saying... till them... good bye Goten fans! I need some sleep for more work tommorow x_x

December 12, 2002: Happy Birthday Lisa-chan!!! (@ 6:00 AM Pacific)

Yup yup... happy extremely late birthday for you Lisa-chan! (She gets to cosplay as either Meryl or Millie =P) Er... that's all...

What? I'm busy... I'm sorry, I mean... this 'school' business already ate my life completely -_-; I'm so busy... and with Christmas comming soon means more work to get money, since I'm actually buying lots of gifts for once... and I'm broke x_x Don't expect an update till the weekend after *this* x_x Yes, I'm *that* busy...

Yes, I don't even have time for a rant ;_; I'm sorry -__-; Maybe I should stop my few precious time on the net on the DBA board and work here instead... o.o;

November 30, 2002: This site does not like me -_-; (@ 11:30 PM Pacific)

Supposively... there was a rant and I talked about Thanksgiving, whining about my really long project, Love Hina, the new James Bond movie, my cello some more and yatta yatta yatta... This site had failed to save that information... twice... which took me 30 mins to type... (probably a whole 6-7 minutes to read). So I'm not going to say anything. I'm tired... Oh.. and the update is two new pics in the Fan Art section. One done out of sheer boredom, the other was a request. Enjoy ^^;;; (I'm doing too many fan art update... I need *real* material soon x_x)

November 23, 2002: Yes! Another Personal Rant Without Real Updates! (@ 7:30 PM Pacific)

Wow... its been awhile... here comes another weekly update (yes, i skipped last week... gomen -_-) Guess what? No updates for you yet! You must sit through another rant.... horray....

My cello came in on Wednesday!!!! I love it! I'll take a pic of it later with me attempting to play it! ^___^ I love my cello, leave me alone! I've been seeing some anime as of late too, as in half of Love Hina and some more eps of .Hack//Sign (both is really good to me ^^) Er... yeah... thats all I have to say x_x And I think I might be home for Thanksgiving after all! Yes! Three day week!

I want to congraduate and utterly embarrass a friend of mine ^_^ (yes I'm evil) Kamekameha had finally update after 6 months!!! Just like me!!! Yay! Go Melissa! Woot! Horray!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Skwee!!!!!!!

You're going to kill me aren't you?

I have a request to ask of all of you fans (which requires no money btw!) Melissa-chan gave me the idea of starting another site. I'm fighting with the idea if I should or not. Theres 3 ideas for sites that I want to do (actually the 4th one is just a joke for Kaz-chan but I might do it if the votes are high enough). As you know, Tears of the Cursed Blade is a personal story I've worked on for two years now. I've always wanted to do a site just devoted to it with all the info and such. An art gallery might be nice... it seems like some of you like my art (though ::cough:: must have no taste to like what I draw ::cough::). The blog is just an online diary (ok, fine, journal, I'M NOT A GIRL!) about me just adding random thoughts online for those who actually want to know how my life works ^_^ (you must be very very sad to want to know that =P) Fourth is an anti-Goku site... I've talked about it with Kaz that if we ever fill up to it... we can make it and show how much we hate him... (and we do *A LOT*) Or... none of the above! Concentrate all of my energy onto this shrine ^_^ The choice is yours!

by the way... Dragonball Angels was the best Goten Shrine... who saw that comming x_x

November 12, 2002: The Horror... I've finally seen DBGT!!! >=O (@ 7:00 AM Pacific)

Hmmmm... rant... yum... ^_^ I've finally seen Dragonball GT, thats what today's rant is about! Sorry no update, got to wait next weekened =P Before, to tell you the truth, I have never seen DBGT except for a clip of the episode GT Goten goes on a date with Paresu-chan... which had no audio ^^; My thoughts? The first episode wasn't *too* bad, but the whole black star dragonball bit reminded me of how in need GT (or Z for that matter) needed better story writers x_x; I mean, its like this:


Uh... okay... that was overexaggerated, but that was the thought going into my mind. Actually... you might be scared to see what's in my mind ^_^ Music is well done and art and colors were much better. Too bad character design is just plain STUPID and PATHETIC! Voice acting was fine... but its disturbing that Goku sounds like Goten again x_x (there's actually a slight differnce in voice... only a true Dai Goten Otaku would know that ^^) And I finally saw Pan-chan! She and Juuhachigou (#18) are my favorite female characters ^^ Pan is cool... even if she looks 9 when she's really 14... And yes, I actually do like Pan, to some of you, I lied ^^ That and the fact I have one trouble with her, its because of her theres basically next to nil of Goten! x_x Glad to get this rant over with ^__^ Don't expect any updates till this weekend unless I feel like ranting again, until then, saiyonara!

For archived updates, click here!

Disclaimer N' Copywrite

I did not create Goten or Dragonball or anything that you stupid people would think. No animals, especially Carbuncles, were hurt doing the making of this site (unless you count Pikachu..). And Blah Blah Blah you know the rest and if you sue me (which I only have exactly 34 cents) I'll counter sue your ass! Oh and I don't think this site is for anybody under 13(mentally). And some copywrite stuff... don't take the name "Chibi N' Kawaii" and things I've personally created. All Tears of the Cursed Blade stuff is all mine so stay away!! Please don't make me copywrite every little thing. o_o;;