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For those of you who actually read this section ^_^ This is also for those who missed updates and such....

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November 2002

November 9, 2002: The Lazy Boy's Update (@ 5:25 PM Pacific)

I'm busy, I'm lazy, I'm tired, I want to go to bed... here's my quick and short update. Fan Fiction section was updated with a submitted story by DBZGirl and the Fan Art section was updated with one picture I did today on the school bus... gah... I got so dizzy afterwards x_x;; Today was the last day of cross country, I did horrid... hell, today was a horrid day, I shall climb into a bed (yes, at 5:25), and ignore the day away...

November 6, 2002: The Final Episode of Dragonball Z Rant / Links Update (@ 11:18 PM Pacific)

Before I start off this next rant, I want to say one thing. For those who are dubbies and have no idea how DBZ ends... DON'T READ THE NEXT PARAGRAPH!!! Its what people calle a "spoiler" for your information. With that warning... lets continue ^^

I have been watching Dragonball Z on the International channel for about 7 years by now, I mean, for once a week, every week, you see one episode of Dragonball Z in *pure* Japanese (no subtitles). Thanks to DBZOA, you can get translated scripts here. Well, thats all besides that point, I have finally finished Dragonball Z (with missing episodes here and there) and I am disapointed. Why? Well... I've never actually believed it with my eyes for these two so called rumors, that Goku actually left his family with a little "bye" and Goten was beaten by Pan. First things first. I HATE YOU SON GOKU!!!!!!! (yes, that statement was for you too Kaz ^^) He just all of a sudden said "I'll train you Ubuu, lets go away, bye family" basically and just freakin' FLEW OFF! Yes, I must have no life to even care for such a show but it gives me more reason to hate the stupid monkey boy, which in turn probably inspire me more to finish my little Goku rant in the Editorials section. I mean, it was bad enough that he left Goten to die from Kid Buu while saving *only* Dende and Mr. Satan.... ugh... Yes, and the last episode wasn't even really that good either x_x; You would personally expect more. Next sunday starts off Dragonball GT... whee, I'm excited (note sarcasam). At least I'll get to see GT Goten... not that I'm really *that* interested to see him, but I still have some curiosity. And yes, Goten really does get beaten by Pan. Though there were several arguments I've been with (mainly, it was impossible due to the fact Goten would had to beat Buu to face off with Pan, which in turn does make him pretty strong), I had never believed that he would be beaten so easily (I don't think Pan even tried). In order to save my Goten faith (yes, I'm *that* sad), I would believe Goten would never hit a girl, non-the-less his own niece, to win the tournament anyway. Pan got lucky x_x;; Its not like I liked Pan much anyway... =P

Also, tiny update here. Two new (mini) Goten shrines were added to the links section. Well technically one is a Goten shrine while the other is Gotenks. He's basically half Goten anyway ^^; And yes, I *do* like Gotenks ^_^ The two sites are Gotenks' Corner and Angel of Fighters.

And yes, I'm actually starting to play the cello, yay!

November 4, 2002: Fan Art and Random Rantage (@ 11:20 PM Pacific)

Gah... If I keep on doing updates like these, I'll end up just like Risa-chan with nothing but fanart updates ^___^;; (You know I'm just joking Risa... put that bat down... please...). Heck, I mean, look at the polls! Though I'm not surprised what everyone voted for... I didn't think DBA would win in a landslide of that much x_x Oh well... 5 new images in the fanart section was added, ranging from pictures drawn from yesterday to the ones two months ago ^^; I thought I forgot to update something =P

Yippie! Tommorow starts my first lesson of cello! It's a musical instrument often used in orchestra and classical music... yes, I like classical music, bite me x_x; Though I would have to be at school by 7:15 in the morning... yay u_u; Two cousins of mine moved in with me last week and are temporary staying with us for a year or so, maybe more. So now I have to take care of three little kids ^^ (one 8, two 10). Yes, home isn't quiet anymore. I have to start picking up on school though, I've been slacking off way too much, I mean, I actually have to start *studying* ^_^; Also, crosscountry ends this week! Yay! No more running 6-8 mile days! Well... thats all I have to say. What? This isn't a rant? I wanted to talk about myself for once! That's all! Thankyou, and have a good night ^^

November 3, 2002: After Halloween Updates! (@ 1:53 AM Pacific)

Uh... yeah... I'm supposed to be working right now... even if its almost 2 x_x Well... just want to give you some pics to look at ^^ Last Halloween, I decided to dress up as Shiro while my best friend decided to dress up as his character, Kojiro. Heres some pics of me as Shiro... well two actually. And yes... the other ones I left back for two reasons... 1) He would kill me if he knew I would have posted his picture 2) The picture was incredibly crappy x_x;;

Picture #1
Picture #2

There you go! Yes... that incredibly stupid looking dumbass in the picture really *is* me... now don't say anything x_x;;

On another note, I finally posted the gift I recieved for CNK's 3rd anniversary! ::points to upper left hand corner with the walking fish:: THANKYOU SAIYA!!!! ::glomps::

Yes... I glomped... want to make business about it? o_o;;;

Don't mind me... it is 1:53 right now...

One more thing... recent animes I've watched... Excel Saga, .Hack//Sign, and Grave of the Fireflies are ALL good... WATCH IT! ^____^

October 2002

October 27, 2002: Updates... continued... (@ 9:26 PM Pacific)

Actually.. I couldn't think of anything 'spiffy' to say after all x_x I also updated the polls and the counter. Yah Yah... I know I asked this once... its the famous question... its been a year I have asked it (I think exactly a year =P) We all know whos going to win o.o; And quit voting more then once you jerk x_x I KNOW WHO YOU ARE!! ^^ At least three of you who likes to vote ten times on my poll =P The last poll, "Favorite Goten Moment", Fusion won by 62 votes, Goten meets Goku by 54, and then third is when Goten learns to fly with 24. From now on, I promise to update once a week at least... even if its just a rant update, even if its a small paragraph of info ^^ I can't forget about this site you know =P And do you know how long it takes to update the links on every page???? IT TAKES FOREVER!!! I know Risa and Ellana knows what I mean o.o;

October 27, 2002: Finally... UPDATES!!! (@ 4:00 PM Pacific)

SURPRISE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I bet you thought you would never see this day!!!! Well.. I want to write something dramatic, but I have to go somewhere in 10 mins... so now I'll give you what I updated. I didn't finish the whole update, but I decided to give you what I have finished ^^

Fan Art, FAQ, Links, Editorials, Fan Fic, Image Gallary 8-11!!

I'll write a more formal update later on, ciao!

October 24, 2002: Where Have I been? (@ 11:25 PM Pacific)

It's been a real long time hasn't it guys? Counter has barely been moving and the site has lost much of its popularity already. Who can blame? This site has not been updated since July... and even then, it was a small update... I promised a big update in August that never came... To tell you guys the truth, I had a gigantic update planned for the 3rd anniversary of Chibi N' Kawaii... but that was two months ago. School had started. Life is busy. Last two months have been a roller coaster ride for me... this year is different. I don't want to forget about this shrine, I mean, I still love it. I can't stand it, as I watch by and not see this site get updated week after week. I hate it. I'm so sorry. But you know that, don't you? I still try to somewhat work on my site from weekend to weekend. And I guess... I was living that 'life' thing.

What have I been doing? Nothing really, I've been doing nothing of importance. School has been a lot for me... I've been averaging 4-5 hours of sleep per day (also due to some stupidity on my part). Parents left on a cruise for a week and I'm alone. Does that mean more free time and no more work? Yeah right, there is TONs more work to do around the home... I've been slacking off... homework and website wise, I can't help it. Everything is awful. I'm sorry.

I won't give up! I won't close this site! I promised I won't quit this site until its finished!!! But... how long will that be? Websites have been at a standstill lately... Old favorites are closing down... present ones barely update. School. I want to promise you updates. I want to finish this shrine. It was a lot of fun and work, yet I've done nothing for what's left of this site's fan base. I'm sorry.

I can't promise anymore. I can say this weekend... next month... next year... but I may never know... And I'm close though... to that update I have been promising. Though there's no reason to keep it a secret... he was what I planned:

New Editorial sections (Goten Web History and Why Goku was a bad father rant), about 40 new Goten pics, about 15 new fanarts, new fanfic, how to write Goten's name in Kanji section, Goten movie summaries, about me section, updated links section, new poll, and some more other stuff that I can't remember for some reason x.x;

That's basically it that I had to say. I'm really sorry I have not been able to update... I want to work on it again...

And Chibi N' Kawaii was site of the month from Heaven-Sent Innocence... on August x_x...

September 2002

September 9, 2002: Still not done ;_; (@ 5:20 AM Pacific)

Ok ok.... make a guess.... I didn't finish again.... Okay... all of you must be pretty angry but I don't blame all of you. I promised a big update by the 7th but it never came. I can make all the excuses I can (which I have some valid ones =P), but I know how unforgivable it is. For a month and a half I have not made any *real* updates -__- Well... thats all I wanted to say... its 5:20 now, and its about time for me to get ready for cross country ;_; I don't wanna run at 6 in the morning...

September 7, 2002: One more day... (@ 11:55 AM Pacific)

I know all of you have been waiting... but I'm real sorry... Too many things are happening today, and I didn't get to finish yesterday. I'm really really sorry! Just give me one more day... I promise! I also I have a big announcement for this site as well and doing something special (its about two weeks late). Bye! ::goes off to Sacramento dragged by his parents::

August 2002

August 26, 2002: ... (@ 8:14 PM Pacific)

Due to current problems arising, I will not be able to update. I'm sorry. I worked hours on it... but I no longer have time. I won't be able to go online till school starts from today. I have a lot of work to do.. work between 7-9 hour days from here till the day school starts, if not I will fail. I'm very sorry... I tried to finish it yesterday but I could not... it took so much longer then I even thought. I need about 3 hours to finish the rest of three sections I have to finish (out of 8).

Come back September 7... I'll have a surprise for you people. Thank you for understanding...

August 18, 2002: More Pathetic Excuses... (@ 10:20 PM Pacific)

Gomen gomen everybody u_u I'm sorry I haven't updated in two weeks! I would rant why, but you all know why by now =P To everyone that I promise there would be a BIG update by Saturday... I'm sorry... it couldn't happen... I've been VERY busy the past few days -_-;; That and when I do have *some* free time, I spend it chatting or trying to beat Zelda: Majora's Mask ::gets pelted by rotten fruits:: I'm sorry x.x;;

Big Update? Nani? What am I talking about? Okay.. so I'll leak it out right here... I was planning on 3 NEW SECTIONS! and a lot of updates to the old ones!! Totaling in 8 sections in one update!!! But I'm not done yet! x.x;; I'm about 75% of the way there... I swear, it takes forever to write all of this information...

Its funny how webmasters spend hours writing content that takes 10 mins to read...

So... I'm alive... barely... I'll update everything soon! I promise!! Gah... I still haven't updated the pic/quote of the week for so long too... -_-;;

August 5, 2002: August Poll! (@ 11:10 PM Pacific)

I tried to finish up a lot of things today... but I've never gotten around to finishing them. I have nothing ready for you yet, but theres the new August poll! More comming soon... to the internet near you...

I've always wanted to say that stupid line...

August 4, 2002: Fortune Cookie Rant!! (@ 11:55 PM Pacific)

Rant time!! First, I'd like to thank my super super wonderful (yet few) fans being very patient with me. I have *A LOT* of updates comming soon... but a rant!!! I rent the a Chinese restaurant and had a good dinner like usual. But something came to mind... the fortune cookies!! I remember when I was a little kid that fortune cookies gave you FORTUNES!! But NOOOOOOOOO.... all they give is advice... and sometimes RHYMING ADVICE!!! Take a look at these two:

"To have a lot of puck means to have a lot of luck."
"Don't go troubling trouble until trouble troubles you."

What kind of fortune cookie is this!? And they have lottery numbers on the back!!! FORTUNE COOKIES SAYS THINGS LIKE "You will have good luck in the future!"!!!!!!!! ::sniffle:: there goes the fortune cookies tradition...

At least they still tasted good...

Updates comming soon... I promise!!!!!!

...and I can somewhat drive now! After 11 months of having my permit, I finally start driving o_O;; Three more weeks till the test...

July 2002

July 31, 2002: The Joys of Being Sleep-Deprived... (@ 1:40 AM Pacific)

1:40... in the morning... I swear I'm insane... nothing new to post, but its yet another "oh my god I guess he is still somewhat alive... dammit update already!" type of post x_x;; Yeah... I finally got out of school last week... but did I get more free time? NO! I lost more @_@ BTW I miss you guys T_T So.. Here I am... at 1:40... doing paperwork... and procrastinating my writing meaningless stuff on my site... because I'm that type of guy ^_^;; Though I wished this summer has went as I had wished... actually 'completing' this shrine for the first time in my life before summer ended... but thats not going to happen... *sigh*

Because I just hit my head really hard against the table by accident... causing a lot of sound.. I'm going to stop now and lay down for awhile x-x Sorry though guys... in a way I felt like I let most of you down... which was funny since I had about 20 updates or so in June... and 3 in July u_u;; I can't promise updates anymore... I have work and tons of summer school work as well (that I barely started on). No, I'm not going to post another "goodbye" message ^_~ I'm already tired of doing those... I have to finish this site someday soon (preferrably before school starts).. who knows... maybe there's an update tommorow..

Sorry for my extremely long rant... I guess this is what stress does to you, I'd like to apologize and I better stop before I talk about another hour or so... ::yawn::

UPDATE: I FINISHED WORK AT EXACTLY 2:39 AM!!!!! MWAHAHAHAHA! Now.... I have to fall alsleep and wake up at 6:00 AM o_o;; ::sulks::

July 20, 2002: Past Poll Results, Fan Art, Image Gallary #7 (@ 7:00AM Pacific)

x_x Wahhh.... so dizzy... I woke up at 5:30 for you guys! See told you I would actually do that one day ^___^ First I'd like to apologize for the last several weeks though. I wasn't kidding when I said updates would be cut in 1/10th, yet there are times I probably also should have updated. And for my er... depressing mood for the last several weeks... x_X I'm very sorry all of this but this is no time to mope around, theres updates to get to!

The results from June had been put up. 7 new fan arts have also been put up. THANKS KAT-CHAN ^_^;; And last but not least, the 7th image gallary is now on for your viewing pleasure!

Three updates in one morning... I really must be insane... I'll be gone for the next two days to Reno (which I'm not that excited, theres nothing there but at least I get to leave the house to play more games!) and I've been working on some things as well. I'm learning how to CG and even though it isn't that good... my characters have color!! Yay!! Thats all for now... goodbye and c'ya guys later!

Welcome back from vacation Ellana and Lisa-chan ^_^

July 15, 2002: A Real Live Update!? (@ 10:30PM Pacific)

Guess what!? I updated!! Only one tiny secition though x_x;; The 6th Image Gallary... and don't complain, I didn't have to update this time ^_~ Also the poll was updated for the month... I couldn't think of anything so sue me... Life been pretty busy for me lately, especially since I just survived another depressing week -_-;; Ugh... its summer... don't people have fun? Well... a lot of things happened during the past week though... good and bad, just mostly bad, of course. I'm not exactly in the talking mood right now though... so have fun with 10 more images... ciao!

July 7, 2002: Still no updates ::gasp:: (by Shiro-kun @ 1:40 PM Pacific)

Gah... I am soooo busy... I can't help it x_X;; I haven't been free lately and I'm actually studying.. over the summer... gah, what have become of me!! -_- Still no updates, but I will not give up on this shrine!!!! Just to let you know I'm still alive...

I'll try but I can't promise you an update for tonight...

Road rage? Yeah, I encountered some in San Francisco ^_^ Lucky my mom wasn't driving... heads would be rolling... oh and I did update something... the message board, it looks better now... if only people came to it... I'm also now a member of the We hate Goku club. Waha... I'm evil... and those chocobos... um.. yes I own a sweat shop of chocobos ^_^

And Gir won the June polls!!! A new one later... bye everyone!

June 2002

June 30, 2002: Updates comming soon... I promise -_- (by Shiro-kun @ 6:38 AM Pacific)

Its very unprofessional to give all of these empty promises of updates, gomen nasai... I'm very sorry... In just a bit, I'm leaving to San Francisco with my family to show my aunt (whos visiting) how it is like up there (like theres anything special there anyhow), also my cousin from San Diego is comming for a month over as well tonight. Big pre-cal exam tommorow and I haven't prepared for it at all... *sigh* I'm sorry, I want to promise updates tonight, or everyday in fact, but I guess I forgot my limit once again, sorry. I'll probably won't update until Friday so just to let you guys now. And yes the magical word... sorry...

Do I sound that pathetic this early morning? -_-

June 29, 2002: One month 'rebirth' anniversary, 1000+ hits! (by Shiro-kun @ 1:05 PM Pacific)

Another personal update (sorry guys ^_^;;), The rebirth of the site had its first month's anniversary yay!! That and it had 1000 hits already, that is so much more then the older version 5 of this site (which had 500 hits a month)! So I made a special 1/2 min sketch to celebrate (actually, I should have put more time into it but I'm lazy, ne?). Thats all for now, I'm working on the editorial section right now, might be finished tonight, but I'm not sure. Well c'ya guys later!

Yes... I am in a good mood... finally...

And what is the deal with the poll? Its tied three ways between a dino, cabbit, and an american president o_o;;

June 27, 2002: Puppy Talk (by Shiro-kun @ 1:55 PM Pacific)

Sorry... no update yet... but I love my new doggie ^_^ I just had to post a pic of it. I had it on Saturday. Technically its not my dog, its my brother's, but I play with him a lot (when I'm not working and studying). He has no name right now, I tried to name him Carbuncle but my brother disagreed, he rather call him Gir x_x I wish I knew what kind of dog he is... But thats all for now, I might have time later tonight. Also my cousins went home earlier then usual, I might have more time to update after all!

Thank you for listening to my pointless update ^___^

June 26, 2002: Dum Dum Dum... I'm still alive!! Mwahahaha! (by Shiro-kun @ 1:20 PM Pacific)

One more image gallary is up, the 5th installment! Yes! I am still alive!! And now... I shall force you to listen to my life for the past week, I know, I'm evil ain't I? Also... to those who wonder what M4I L337|\|355 5C4R35 J0, |\|0? stands for... it is "my leetness scares you, no?" in 'leet' writing. You know, writing us sad computer users uses when we're bored ^_^ Over the week I've also found out I actually have fans of this site... what a strange thought. I want to know I really thank you guys for the few fanmail and IMs I've gotten, I'm so happy I can cry ;_; wait... okay... um... I'm done ^_^ Summer classes at the JC (junior college) have started and I'm taking a course in Pre Calculus, which is challenging I must add, and well, life isn't *that* bad ^_^ I've finally found time to work on this site since everyone that came to visit down here is temporary gone and I'm finally home alone. I've been pretty busy lately, and I hate waking up early @_@ but oh well... Well, I must get going, theres more work/studying to do!

Goten web community update... Dragonball Angels is back up! Wai!!

June 21, 2002: Triple Updates/Sad Speech (by Shiro-kun @ 4:34 PM Pacific)

Actually this was a two day project... I finished the Site History section. It took me awhile to write since I was having lasts of flashbacks and I was trying to remember what had happened. I think I overdid it and wrote too much. But take a look.. if you want to ^_^ (chances are only 3 of you are even going to bother to glance at it). My Awards Won section is also complete... with one entry ^_^ Oh well... And finally the Past Polls Results is done too... also with one entry...

I also dislike saying this... but from today on... updates will shrink by 1/10th... beyond reasons outside my control my time online will be much shorter. My cousins are finally comming (whether I wanted them to or not ^_^) for the summer... for a whole month... there goes time for that... Work is about to get more intense and I'm starting summer classes at the junior college... Plus summer homework from school! ::sigh:: I was really into working on this shrine... I'll try my best though... even if I have to wake at 5 to work on this site (which I have done before I might add) See ya later my loyal... er... 6 fans... I think ^_^;;

June 19, 2002: Sorry... not much today... (by Shiro-kun @ 11:56 PM Pacific)

I tried but couldn't... All I could do is add an extra paragraph to the Who is Son Goten? section. I was planning on writing the site history and actually on one of the editorials but things didn't work out tonight, gomen. This is such a terrible week -_-;; Well, I can't promise much, but I'll promise to do my best okay my loyal fans (of um... 4 people...)! All hail Goten-sama!!!!! ::decides to sneak off before is killed by a certain someone for stealing her phrase::

I'll also be at the chat at Goten Galore tommorow at 5:00 PM Pacific... for those who care x_x;; Also, I'm doing an award for those who is the magic number ^_^ You know, those things that say "if the counter says 1500, e-mail me and get a award!" type of things. Go check it out and see what number you need ::evil grin::

June 19, 2002: Quick Update! (by Shiro-kun @ 6:30 PM Pacific)

Quick update! I'm not done with this yet because I'm in a rush to go somewhere. I'll finish it later tonight. Here is the update to the Who is Son Goten? section! Fixed grammer and added of info. Though its 1/4 done x_x

June 18, 2002: Explanations... (by Shiro-kun @ 11:13 PM Pacific)

Sorry about no updates for almost a week folks. I have been incredibly busy the last couple of days. The 13th I finally got out of school so yay ^_^ Couldn't update since I spent something like a "last day of school party/help how to use a RPG Maker program" kinda day... 14th till now I've been working for my father (without pay this time!!!) The past several days have been hectic and I was in no mood to do anything. Though it is extremely rare for me... I was in the snapping mood, as in "bother me and you die!!!" sorta mood. -_- Well nevermind about that, you guys probably don't care ^_^ But I'll try my absolute best to update tommorow okay? (I don't have access to my current computer I'm using right now anyway) Heck, I haven't been able to draw since school was out ;_; Okay... I better stop, I sound incredibly depressing o_O;; Gomen nasai!

On a lighter note (for myself) I finally got Zelda: Majora's Mask!! I love the Zelda series.... ::owns 6 of them:: And I got my first award ever!! Yay! Thankyou Kaz!! I'll upload the pic later. And... This site hasn't been reopened for 3 weeks yet and I have over 700 visitors O_O Thats how many hits I make in two months back then. How does all these people know this site was reopened? I still haven't advertised it yet! But I must say I'm very happy ^_^

Long personal rant huh?

June 12, 2002: 4th Gallary is Done, Only 6 More to Go... (by Shiro-kun @ 6:13 AM Pacific)

Only two more days of Finals... I'm so happy ^_^ Well... I've done some work on this site but all you're going to get is the 4th installment to the image gallary section ^_^ Go ahead... knock yourself out... Also I've uploaded about 40 something new pics onto the site! In other words, by the time the image gallary is complete... there will be a total of a 104 pics instead of 59 like before the site was closed. Horray!!!! I would like to thank GotenMY for donating most of these pics for me ^__^ Thankies!!! The rest were scans from my DBZ cards collection. Thats all for today... no rants or anything, good bye!

June 9, 2002: Death of Internet Radios? Oh my... (by Shiro-kun @ 7:00 PM Pacific)

No updates today, I was studying and spent some quality time with my cousins. I'm such a good person ^_^ Well anyway... I got this someone disturbing e-mail about internet radios. It seems the US Copyright Office are making it so that we have to pay per song we listen to on the net!!!! WHAT THE FUDGE CAKE!!!! (that was supposed to be a filtered out swear o_o) Fight to save internet radio... even if chances are you don't listen to them. I'm listening to one right now at Anime in the Limelight who informed me of the situation. Its a good station ^_^ To fight this... go here for more information. I'm usually not the person who does these kinds of things though o_o;;

June 8, 2002: Lots of new drawings... yay!!!! (by Shiro-kun @ 8:53 PM Pacific)

When I was digging through my room (instead of studying for Finals), I found a lot of Goten pics I drew when I was much younger (three years ago). Though they were incredibly terrible, I thought it was neat to post them up. I hate those pics though, but I can't find any of the other ones though ;_; I also have 2 more of my TCB art up as well. All of this up in the Fan Art section. That is all of the content updates today! (From here to Thursday there will be significantly less updates because of Finals ;_;)

For those who read this on time, on Cartoon Network tonight at 11:00PM Pacific/Eastern, go watch Adult Swim!!!! Its not anything disgusting or odd (wait... it is odd), but its a whole 3 HOURS OF ANIME every week!!!! Shame on you if you miss it! Shame Shame!!!! (Theres Cowboy Bebop, Yu Yu Hakusho, Pilot Candidate, Gundum 0083, Outlaw Star, and Tenchi Muyo)

June 8, 2002: Extremely... extremely... extremely... tired... (by Shiro-kun @ 12:30 AM Pacific)

Lets see... I woke up at 3:00 to finish homework, and its 12:30 now and I haven't even took a nap in between... I'm insane... I'm so tired, very very tired ;_; But to make you all happy... for missing the whole week (even though I had an excuse... too much homework), you'll get four updates in one night!!! Yes... I worked my little butt off for you... see? I do care! The four new pages are: Image Gallary #3, Links, Fan Art, and FAQs. Yay! I even archived the older updates of June 2nd and beyond as well. Well... I'm going straight to sleep just to wake at 7... goodnight! ^_^

June 7, 2002: Updates Later Tonight ^_^ (by Shiro-kun @ 5:45 AM Pacific)

Actually... there's no purpose to this update ^_^ Here's what I am 100% sure it'll be done by tonight, Image Gallery #3, Links Page, and a Fan Art Page. If I'm lucky, I'll squeeze in a Tenkaichi Budoukai update. Can you believe its 5:45 O_O;; in the morning!? I woke at 3:00... only got 5 hours of sleep ^_^ I want to make an update but I gotta finish the rest of my essays and my art project (which is hole punching a lot of mini circles of different colors and making it look like something). Oh and coffee does not help when its disgusting... today was the first day I made coffee for myself... o_o;; I'm sticking with soda...

Oh... community update as well. As skimming through the pages of HSI (when I should have been doing my homework), I came across Goten's Temple, some new Goten Shrine I've never seen ^_^ I haven't really looked at it yet, just scaned it a bit. Reminds me of Sacred Chamber's style of layout just with frames... So check it out ^_^

June 4, 2002: The Nifty Lil' Fanmanga! (by Shiro-kun @ 11:10 PM Pacific)

Why... am I up this late working on updates o_O I'm supposed to be studying for the final that means LIFE OR DEATH for me!!!! x_x;; I'm finishing up some sections... but the only one out right now is the new fanmanga section! The only thing in it is this manga. Its about Yuki's rage over the new dubbing (which is a year old o_o;;) of Goten and his KameHAmeha purnounciation. Also appearing here is Takeo and Shiro. The manga is done on crappy pencil on scratch paper (you can still see the other side of the paper x_x). Thats all that there is for today... can't think of anything else... too sleepy... ::snore::

Horray! Over 200 hits in one week! I say its pretty good considering I haven't advertised the return of this site yet... x_X;;

June 3, 2002: I feel like talking today ^_^ (by Shiro-kun @ 11:15 PM Pacific)

8 more days of school left! Woot!! Sorry no contents updates today but I *do* feel like talking to you guys a bit. Who have seen Hamtaro... who is disturbed by Hamtaro? I turned on the TV at 7:15 something in the morning and saw a show about shockingly/disturbingly kawaii little hampsters. I had a choice to watch that or the 3rd season ::shudders:: of Digimon... I was oddly hooked into the show o_o;; I really haven't been paying that much attention though, I was eating and doing last minute homework at the same time (as usual). I'm procrastination too much, I'm drawing up a comic strip about the last poll result ^_^ Lets just say certain Goten otakus are getting revenge... And um... this ends my fancy rant of the day...

Goten community news... It looks like Goten's Sacred Chamber by Phil is back up... I haven't looked at it really though, but I must say *this* time there's nothing disturbing ^_^ (sorry Phil)

Goodnight... I have to wake up early tommorow -_-;;

June 2, 2002: Image Gallery (part 2) Added (by Shiro-kun @ 5:25 PM Pacific)

Yes... this took only 15 minutes out of my life but I'm extrememly tired today... ::sigh:: Well the 2nd part to the Image Gallery was added with thumbnails... nothing else... yep very small update o_o Maybe more later tonight (I don't plan to do too much though... I need to sleep)

Oh yes... before I dose off... anybody having the International Channel, go watch (Japanese) Dragonball Z and (Japanese w/ English subtitles) The Slayers! At 7:30 Pacific/10:30 Eastern, good animes to watch!

June 1, 2002: New Poll and... a guestbook!? (by Shiro-kun @ 9:40 AM Pacific)

New poll for June!!!! Yay!!! Go vote now! I could swear I had this question up once, but oh well, different choices ^_^ I'm very creative, ne? And for once since two years, I finally put up a guest book... now go sign in if you want to... Gah, I've been so busy since I posted the last update... being a secretary/personal assistant bites... (If you want to know what I will personally vote on the poll, it would be either Jolteon or Carbuncle), ::sigh:: I need the money... must buy Cowboy Bebop DVDs/wall scrolls...

I'll put up a page soon about this soon... here were the old results to the old poll, you can find it here. I'm not *that* surprised at the turn out... but I am surprised how many people voted o_o;; Stupid FUNi... taking out Goten's signature Kamekameha....

June 1, 2002: Image Gallary Up, Fixed Layout Problem (by Shiro-kun @ 7:45 AM Pacific)

Happy first of June! Wow... I worked for awhile last night and this morning -_-;; I guess I forgot how HTML works and there were some errors to the layouts (especially to those who don't use 800x600 like I do) But I got it back working... yata! The Image Gallary (part 1) section is up. Only.... 6 more to go x_x;; Thumbnails are finally up as well! Wai! *Might* be updates later on today.. I better get started on my homework/studying for the finals ;_;

And a side note, when saving this site as a bookmark/putting up as a link, the new web adress is instead of because this new one is much more convient (and I hate working on the freeservers account... I can't update on it!!!) This way if for some odd reason angelfire goes down, the address will redirect you to a temporary one while the would do nothing (hell it still says Kawaii Factor during my 4th version of this site ;_;

May 2002

May 31, 2002: "Who is Son Goten", the Official Comming Back Message, Goten Web Community Update ***long rant/speech*** (by Shiro-kun @ 7:20 PM Pacific)

Good day there everyone! I must say it is wonderful to run a website all over again. Though over the next two weeks there still won't be much up because I have two more weeks of school left! -_- yup... studying for the final exam... The "Who is Son Goten?" section is back up (I have to redo it though... and update some stuff x_x) Theres going to be a new poll as well, since this one has been up for half a year ^_^ (and yes, the promo pic idea was from the anime movie Evangelion: Rebirth)

Its been several months since I closed down the site on February 22nd, I must say I've been awfully busy. The months in between were surprising, disappointing, depressing, interesting, strange, and lots of other adjectives. My life is finally back together and I have the time (and renewed interest) to restart this shrine. For those who do websites, leaving it for a long time and comming back to it is certainly a great thing! I hope to see all my fans again (and I know some of you are out there since my hit counter is over 100 in less then a week...) and restart this baby up. Prepare yourself, I'm back and kickin' as one might say ^_^;;

Also... though some, if not all, might know, theres some interesting news in the Goten community section. Marissa of Kamekameha! have started her "revial" of her site just as mine. Also there is a new website, one of a third generation (I'll describe it more once I get on my editorial on Goten shrines up soon) which is Heaven-Sent Innocence by Kaz. Its worth a lookie. LTAG's Dragonball Angels is down because of a server problem, sadly she doesn't know when she'll be able to update again yet. There had been a fight over a person (who shall remain nameless) stealing Goten shrine's contents and putting it up as his own, this situation ended shortly, and I might say people are happy ^_^ Goten's Universe (formally known as Goten's Playhouse) is back up and restarting work on his site... yay! Thats all of your Goten web community update!

Expect this weekend and update to the links, about me, image gallery, new poll, and one editorial this weekend... wow... this took me forever to write today. Well, good night everyone and have a wonderful (and burning) summer!

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