dbzsayagurl: Shiro, my buddy! For those visitors who are new to our very small world, could you please intro yourself
Shiro Makoto: People who don't know me!? That's unheard of ^^; Anyways, I'm just an old relic around here. I am the webmaster of the (near-dead) Chibi N Kawaii, one of the most famous Goten Shrines next to the 'Legendary', Dragonball Angels. And I've been around for a LOOOONG time, since the first main Goten shrine.
dbzsayagurl: That's so cool! Now, there have been rumors of a fusion of you’re site and another. Care to explain?
Shiro Makoto: Well, these rumors are all quite true and part of them have been spread by myself :P
Melissa (my online sis), owner of Kamekameha and I have decided to eventually fuse BOTH of our sites together and become the ultimate Goten shrine. With my entertaining writing skills and her superior layout making skills and undenyable cuteness, we can make a site so HUGE and AWESOME even Risa-sama herself will be amazed! It'll be called: Chibi Kame

dbzsayagurl: That's amazing!!! XDDD *bows* I'm not worthy!!!!! *gets up* Anyway, why did you guys decide to call it Chibi Kame?
Shiro Makoto: *cough* Sure you're worthy o_o
Anyways, we've been trying to figure out a name for MONTHS (its really important since it'll be the theme of our sites). Then one day, I looked at both of our names and said "can't we just fuse the name?" I then thought of Chibi Kame (Fusion of CHIBI N Kawaii and KAMEkameha) and laughed at the name. Because in Japanese, I realized it basically meant "Little Turtle". We both laughed and realized it would be the perfect name. The mascot of Chibi Kame will be Goten in a turtle suit ^^ (Drawn by me, colored by Mel)

dbzsayagurl: *Laughs* Awww, how cute! Speaking of drawing and web designing, what can visitors expect from Chibi Kame?
Shiro Makoto: Both Chibi N Kawaii and Kamekameha were made when both of us sucked as webdesigners *laughs* for me, webdesigning has never been big on me, that and I just never truly learned it @_@ My largest priority is SUBSTANCE and a lot of things to read thats entertaining AND memorable. Its probably because I really enjoy writing ^^ Though the layout and such is completely in my sis' department. It will be in one of those fancy (I dunno what its called) Frame like format, where it'll be one large page that looks all pretty with layout and everything, with a text box on the side where a person would read all of my insanely long, inane rants :P It'll look visually appeasing and also the text won't be hard to read.
dbzsayagurl: Wow! Hearing this I kinda wish AOF would get a new layout. (I have no time) Anyway, why did you guys decide to fuse these ever-so-popular, wonderful sites?
Shiro Makoto: Goten community basically dropped like a hot potato. Hell, Dragonball sites ALMOST completely died out and went extinct (especially since its so OLD and large amounts of animes are being well none here). I made a promise to myself to finish my site... but I never did... school life basically annhilated me. And I realized I just... can't do it by myself anymore.
Melissa doesn't have content and WANTS to keep on updating, to bring the Goten community alive, but has nothing.
I told her I wish I could get help one day on my site, and after much talking, we decided it would be a good idea to fuse (plus it'll be really nifty, being that we're both online siblings and all). Like I've said before, my writing skills and her layout abilities form to make a deadly team for an incredible website ^^

dbzsayagurl: I really agree with you! Do you have any comments for those who are considering (hopefully) of making ANY kind of DBZ site?
Shiro Makoto: Wow, people would actually consider making those? One, is... DON'T make a general DBZ site, theres TOO MANY of those. What draws people to your site is something different from the rest. Maybe that's why Goten shrines were popular for a moment, since no one made one for him. And for me, my site was dedicated to Chibi Goten only. I also wrote amusing essays and what not, which makes people want to go back. Just DON'T post random power levels, guess what, no one really cares! But do something you LOVE and ENJOY and can put you whole heart into, because your fans will adore that for you. And UPDATE OFTEN. PLEASE. Don't be like me and update once every half month... you tend to lose ALMOST ALL of your fans @_@
dbzsayagurl: @_@;;;I should heed that last advice......*looks at her dead Goten shrine*...I wonder if it's even CLOSE to the popularity, or WAS close....X_x;;;;;
Shiro Makoto: You sorta made the site when Goten sites were dying @_@ Also I dun think that many people knew your site too x.x;;;;;;;;; Actually, I'm not sure how *I* found it o_o
dbzsayagurl: *weep* T_T *hugs her site* It's still my baby!
Shiro Makoto: I feel the same way about mine, I always called it my baby ^^;
Shiro Makoto: Its just going to be a freakily fused baby o.o
dbzsayagurl: I have more than 2000 hits so there...that should count as something

Shiro Makoto: I have 10k+ so there >:P
dbzsayagurl: T_T XP
Shiro Makoto: And risa has... wow o_o
dbzsayagurl: No one will beat her, dude
Shiro Makoto: ^^
Shiro Makoto: Nope, that's why she's legendary :P
dbzsayagurl: right!
dbzsayagurl: *hugs angel of fighters* You’re still my baby! you’re my first site I built out of the others!
dbzsayagurl: ...
dbzsayagurl: X_X OMG THE OTHERS!!!!
dbzsayagurl: *cries an ocean*
Shiro Makoto: T____T;;
dbzsayagurl: Banana Tree House! Magical Layer! Infinity!
dbzsayagurl: T_________T
Shiro Makoto: Goten is my one and only site ^^;
Shiro Makoto: I sorta live on in Risa's DBA Message board
Shiro Makoto: I'm her moderator o_o
Shiro Makoto: I've been there since day one @_@
dbzsayagurl: you KNOW her?!?! *GASP!*
Shiro Makoto: Ah, I should explain that story ^^;;;;
dbzsayagurl: PLEASE DO!

Shiro Makoto: You see, I made my site BEFORE Risa made hers
dbzsayagurl: *GASP!!!*
Shiro Makoto: Risa and I became friends before she even made her site. She found my site one day and decided to be PENPALS with each other. And for a good while, we send each other mail back and forth for every week. Of course I'm a HORRIBLE person who doesn't reply till a month later because I get so caught up in my own personal life. But both of us are good online buddies. I was practically one of her first guests on the site.
I was also always on her message board, and she eventually made me moderator to take care of everything.
Also, ever heard of Carbuncle Week? Guess who made it? You're looking at him ^_~

dbzsayagurl: She said on the site you made Carbuncle Week. THEY'RE SOOO ADORABLE!!!! I wanna adopt one!
dbzsayagurl: and as for the comments before...*GAAAAASP!!!!!!!*
Shiro Makoto: ^^;;
dbzsayagurl: Do you have any advice to busy busy people such as myself and any other Goten sites that we are utterly unaware of that are still alive?
Shiro Makoto: Your website is your soul, I mean, if you're going to let it die, at least finish it first, don't be like me @_@ But don't forget about your site or anything, and don't be stressed to! Its a really good hobby and fun to do, I mean.. whats the point to laboring over a site anyway? And update when you can, even if its TINY updates, your fans will appreciate you that you're still alive!
dbzsayagurl: Nice! When can visitors expect to see Chibi Kame?
Shiro Makoto: I have no clue... I mean! Uh... sometime before we're dead... I MEAN... hm... try summer or fall of '05. though we are yet to really uh... Start on it... but I'm going to start writing material for it this week (the past few weeks for me have been BUSY, but I finally have time again). But anyway, we'll do it ASAP and you'll know ^_^
dbzsayagurl: Shweeeet! Well thank you Shiro-sensei for your time on to interview a measely webmistress and visiting her quaint site.
Shiro Makoto: Hey, you have a Goten shrine, so that must mean we're like... Shrine-siblings... or... something... But anyway, thanks for having me ^__^ For anyone whos bored... my art site is at "http://shiromakoto.deviantart.com" and Melissa's is "http://dia-aren-marie.deviantart.com" (SHAMELESS PLUG) And for anyone who wants to meet the rest of the community, always feel free to stop by at Risa's DBA Message Board. While not everyone is a Goten fan, we do have fun with our pointless posts. So, take care everyone!