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Drawing is fun ^_^ I would know myself since I do it all the time these days... This is where mine and other's fan art is displayed. So click on the links below for the pretty pictures...

How to send in your art!
1. First it has to be your own original art (as in no tracing!)
2. No hentai, yaoi, yuri, and extreme graphics (actually it *depends* on how you use it, but you should know what I mean)
3. Send it to me with the file(s) in attachment(s). Should have title, author, and short summary in the e-mail itself.
4. Must be in .jpg or .gif format only
5. If its pencil, make sure I can actually see it ^_^

My Art
TCB Art:
Akari-chan: Before you click on it, know this, I do not draw hentai and she is *not* naked, its just outlines! The reason I even scanned this is because I liked how it turned out so I scanned the outline version first before I drew in the clothes. I messed up the pic and threw it away and only have this one. I like the expression on her face and her hands.
Akari with big sword: I done this when I was bored, it turned out okay, I don't like it too much. Akari is actually smiling (which I then realizes makes her look too strange since she's not supposed to smile ever) and wearing school type clothes.
Kasumi Lonely: My most recent pic, its Kasumi with her hand against the wall. I hate it because the rough draft I made was really nice, then the final draft was terrible... I drew this pic for a friend
Shiro-kun: My favorite pic up to date (which isn't all that great) is of Shiro walking with a gun in hand. I like his expression of that lonely, innocent look.
Fuzzle Fluff: I creature I created a long time ago which is created out of shear boredom between a friend of mine. We named a koosh ball and pertained it was a creature o_o;; Yes... I'm strange... I thought this picture came out nicely...
Shiro's profile: A profile/icon pic I used for EZ boards, AIM icons and such. A nice and actually colored... I don't like coloring much o_o
Akari, Yuki, and Kasumi: The three female main characters in my story.... I don't really like it since it didn't turn out so well...
Shiro, Takeo, and Fujihiko: The three male main characters in my story, it didn't turn out that bad in my opinion ^^;;
Yuki Cosplaying: Yuki-chan cosplaying as my favorite character in one my my favorite fighting games.... Ichijo Akari from the Last Blade! I really like this since I actually spent time on it =)
The Annoying Kakashi: This is an inside joke with Ellana, Kakashi and myself. It was when he teased us as a couple so we decided to... get even... ^_^
Awakening of Shiro: Shiro awakes to find Yuki beside him in the hospital. This came out cute ^^
Eating Contest: A sketched version of an eating contest between Ellana and Yuki.
Eating Contest (CG): I liked the sketch so much, I decided to color it ^_^
Katsurina As Kasumi: One of my first attempts at CG, it came out quite nicely ^_^ This was part of an art trade. The one I got in return is this one.
Shiro's Profile (CG): This was the first time I used Paint Shop Pro to CG a pic, it isn't *that* bad is it? ^^ Ok ok... so it sucks...
Shiro VS Yosou: A CG version of Shiro and Yosou during the 2nd DBA Budoukai. And yes, its a rock throwing contest... o.O;;
TCB Group Pic: I didn't really like how this came out =P My 2nd attempt at CG... At least now you know who all of my characters are ^_^
ALIEN!!: This was a one month late birthday gift for my dear friend, Melissa-chan ^^ It represents me teasing her about being an alien... a really old running joke for years o.o;; Happy B-Day!
Shiro on the Cliff: Shiro is spacing out, remebering of something from the past, some scene in my mind for awhile. Its been a long time I've even tried to do a shading job, or even a real picture for that matter ^^ It looks decent...
Yuki and her staff: A simple and shaded picture of Yuki-chan and her staff... nothing special, also done on the same day as the one with Shiro on a cliff =P
Do You Wonder of the Future?: Another month late birthday present, this one was given to Ellana-chan of Goten Galore. This is her character drawn much older in my style of drawing. Also in pencil and shaded.
Yuki as Kawaii-chan: This was done on a bumpy school bus where I got incredibly dizzy... I thought this came out okay. Without inspiration, I decided to draw a 'Yuki' version on my friend's character, Kawaii.
**New**Fujihiko in the Wind: Hmm... I don't think I've ever drawn a real pic of Fujihiko by himself before... I just wanted to for fun ^^ (He's my least drawn character)

Goten Art:
My 1st Goten pic!: My first picture of Goten (or anything anime related)! This is where I started to draw, I did not look off of anything and all of it was inside my head. I really hate this picture, I can probably make a list of 30 things wrong with it O_O I drew it during the May of '99... Wow... thats a long long time ago...
Goten double image: Another sad and pitiful attempt at learning how to draw, I thought the idea of it was kinda cool... too bad I didn't have the skills to draw yet O_O
Charging the Kamekameha: A terrible drawing of Goten charging up the Kamekameha... I have a lot of awful pics that I'm ashamed of -_-;;
Goten with 2 profiles: This was in the late '99 when my pics of Goten got somewhat better ^_^ My first proud pic of Goten!
Red Fireball: I thought this pic came out horribly... I hated it... but I kept it O_O Its an actual colored pic

Note: You might find it odd I only showed you all of my bad pictures. Its because I have no idea where any of my Goten drawings are of after 1999... I don't draw Goten anymore since I'm usually working on my TCB art. I should again just to let you see how I somehow progressed since '99 o_o;;

Art Folder: In Art class, we had to design our own portfolios using different textures and implenting your name in it... As you can see, heres a picture of it on my floor ^_^ This drawing was okay... I don't hate it too much =)

Other's Art
By Katsurina!
Goten, Bra, and Trunks too!: A humorous pic of Goten and Bra together.... plus an angry Trunks-kun!
Goten: A cool lil pic of chibi Goten! Wai! And he's wearing different clothes... wow....
Kat's Look: A self portrait of Kat-chan herself, don't you love the clothes ^_^
Kat's Look 2: A funny headshot of Kat-chan... I love that expression!

By Zee!
Zee's Profile: A profile of herself, Zee!
Zee Blinking: A .gif file of Zee blinking.
Son Goku: Even if I don't like Goku, I still think this is a good pic ^_^
Goten Neko: Hehe, Goten in neko (cat) form =)
Shiro's Profile: Wai! She drew a profile pic of my character ^_^
Trunks: A profile pic of Trunks-kun!