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The techs are sorted by character.


Level 3: Dash Attack - (A Dash attack Using his swallow.)
Level 5: Shining - Its a large orb of energy dropped upon the enemy.
Level 7: Sky Arrow - Shoots a light arrow directed at the enemy.


Level 3: Steal - Kid Pilfers and item from the selected enemy.
Level 5: Red Needle - Kid throws so Red needles towards the enemy causeing moderate damage.
Level 7: Heat Shot - Kid fires Lucca's invention at an enemy. (It must be obtained in the burning house in the sub-quest. By pressing the Search button next to the device to the right of the door in the first room, and entering L2, Triangle for the password you will get Kid's Lv7 skill, Heat shot)


Level 3: In body - Materialize one's body after making his staff disappear
Level 5: To Sword - Guile's staff becoming a sword accost the enemy
Level 7: Sway Burn - Throws his staff in the air, he causes purple lightening to strike the enemy causing a huge damage (Get this skill here - Speak to her brother, the Home world's Aruni Chef with her leading the party with Orcha leading your party)


Level 3: Toomiate - Radius uses he's staff to blasts an enemy with green energy similar to Glenn's Level 5
Level 5: Iaimeki - Dashes through an enemy, similar to Serge's Dash attack
Level 7: Iainuki - Leaps into the air, than green fire engulfs an enemy


Level 3: Steal - Farga plunders an item. he's also one of the only 4 people who could steal
Level 5: Distant Attack - Farga whistles, and a cannonballs from the Zelbess crash down on the enemy party
Level 7: Invincible Slash - Farga runs toward an enemy, brandishing his sword as he goes (He gets it auto. before going to Marbule to fight the Efts )


Level 3: Hip Attack - Mamacha hits and wiggles her hips, then launches herself at the enemy for damage
Level 5: Folding - turns enemy into dirty laundry than folds it and jumps on it
Level 7: Motha's Rage - Summons flatware to drop down on enemy party causing a huge damage


Level 3: Hard Hit - Glenn slashes an enemy.
Level 5: Swordsonic - Launches a blast of green light from his sword at an enemy
Level 7: Sword Stab - Like Spire From CT.(Get it here- Go back to Dario's grave in the Termina of Another dimension, with Glenn leading the party, equipped with the Elranza sword )


Level 3: Maiden's Beat - Her hands starts to glow and she lays the smack down on foe four times
Level 5: Maiden's Spirit - Levitates, feathers make swirling lights around her, and all of her elements except for stocked items have 1/3 chance of being refreshed
Level 7: Maiden's Prayer - Leena kneels in prayer, and her attack power and hit accuracy increase (Let Leena lead and speak with her aunt in home world after you regain your body. If you gave her wrong response earlier in the game(at least 2 correct response out of 3))


Level 3: Stomping - Miki dances a bit on one enemy's head
Level 5: Sexy Eyes - Miki bats her eyes seductively, damaging all enemies
Level 7: Aerial - Miki floats through the air like she did in Nikki's rock opera.. and this causes great damage.


Level 3: Lunar Blade - Harle leaps in front of the moon, launching a crescents at the enemy party
Level 5: Lunar Wrap - Harle leaps in front of the moon, casting a protective barrier on your party
Level 7: Bad Moon - Eclipses the moon, heavily damaging the enemy party ranging from a Moderate to Great damage.


Level 3: Drum Press - Hits the enemy over the head with her drum flattening 'em
Level 5: Ninjin Arrow - Throws lots of carrots at one enemy
Level 7: Gush Out - Beats her drum, and water gushes out from the ground to damage the enemy party(get it here - Let her lead and talk to the land octopus at the end of time)

Dragon Child

Level 3: Tiny Breath - Dragon spits a tiny fireball at an enemy
Level 5: Breath Wing - Draggy spits a fireball than hits it it with his wing towards the enemy party
Level 7: Big Mom - Summons the spirit of his mother to engulf the battlefield in flames(get it here-Take Draggy to the Valley in another dimension than speak with the Dragon's skull on the northern screen)


Level 3: Star Pride - Starky summons a Voltron-looking robot to attack a single enemy
Level 5: Comet Beam - Starky summons a Voltron-looking robot to attack all enemy party
Level 7: Meteor Zap - Starky summons the robot, the robot flies into the air, crashes down on the enemy party as if he was a meteor
(???? location unknown ????)


Level 3: Cursed Dance - Praces around in front of an enemy than laughs
Level 5: Spinning Flame Dance - Mojo does cartwheels all over the battlefield than strikes all enemies
Level 7: Thrusting Flame Dance - Mojo squeals with morbid delight, and lifts one enemy into the air with the sharp end of the voodoo nail stuck through his heart


Level 3: Kabu Chop - Leaps into the air than comes down on an enemy
Level 5: Kabu Shock - Spins into the air, than burrows into the ground, reappearing underneath one enemy
Level 7: Kabu Magic - This is a really weird move!


Level 3: Bon Bon! - Shoots seeds out her sleeves at the enemy party
Level 5: Chu Chu! - Fio drains HP from one enemy
Level 7: Batan Batan! - Fio does some impressive tumbling, and repeatedly bodyslams one enemy


Level 3: Lariat - Clotheslines an enemy after gathering power
Level 5: Spin Kick - After doing some gymnastics he comes down on 1 foe's head
Level 7: ?!? - Um this is just strange..


Level 3: Lots and Lots of Balls - Skull throws a bubble at the ground making rainbow colored bubbles crashing down on the enemy party
Level 5: One Balloon - Blows a bubble, the bubble rises into the air, than pops recovering some of Skull's HP and increasing his strength by 20%
Level 7: Big Ball Rolling - Summons a giant ball that has his picture on it than he dances like a clown he is on the ball towards one enemy


Level 3: Axe Attack - With his axe he slashes he's enemy
Level 5: Spores - Shoots spores into the air
Level 7: Something-or-other Mushroom - ugh.. another odd one.


Level 3: Water Breath - Spits water at her foe
Level 5: Healing Song - Irene sings a song, healing one ally for lots of HP
Level 7: Tide Adjustment - Plays sour notes on her harp, while the wave knocks the entire enemy party


Level 3: Musumu - Steals an item another one of the 4 characters who can steal
Level 5: Doodle - Draws on an enemy
Level 7: Tantrum - Mel throws a fit damaging all enemies causing a huge damage


Level 3: Boulder Smash - Leah throws boulders at her foe
Level 5: Tail Spin - Leah creates a tornado that damamges enemy party by twirling the tail of her outfit
Level 7: Triple Kick - Kicks the enemy 3 times causing a huge damage


Level 3: Quick Throw - Throws his cards at an enemy
Level 5: HP Shuffle - Shuffles his HP like a deck of cards, the HP you get is random it could be any HP between 0 to 999
Level 7: Swordbox - ? odd.. ?


Level 3: Shadow of Diana - Summons a mermaid to attack an enemy
Level 5: Shadow of Hydra - Summons a spirit of Hydra to attack an enemy, although her Lv5 isnt that good you have to find it
Level 7: Shadow of Gary - Steena summons Gary


Level 3: High Throw - Throws a knife into the air and the knife splits(?) into many knives and falls down stabbing the enemy
Level 5: Bonebreak - Gathers holy power, than rushes forward to deal a bone-breaking blow. Better damage than his Level 3.)
Level 7: Heal Shower - Heals your entire party for ~900 HP.


Level 3: Rocket Arm - Gyaradun's mechanical arm detaches and strikes an enemy
Level 5: Head Saber - From he's head, a beam of energy emerges and hits the enemy party.
Level 7: Dark Burst - ?ANOTHER odd one.. ?


Level 3: Continuous Hit - Leaps forward, kicking one enemy repeatedly as if she was Chun-li from Street fighter
Level 5: Drunken Punch - Orlha drunkenly swaggers towards an enemy and strikes them hard once
Level 7: Sisters' Punches - Orlha and her sister gang beats an enemy together for a big damage


Level 3: Taiatari - Pip, standing on his tail launches itself at the enemy
Level 5: Nagomu - Pip, looking very cute dreams about warm sunny meadow, restoring all party member's HP
Level 7: *depends on which form Pip is currently in*

Lv7 : Archangel - Ascension
Lv7 : Archtype - Pip Cannon
Lv7 : Archdevil - Hell Dance


Level 3: GlideHook - Lynx leaps into the air and slashes an enemy
Level 5: Cats Raid - Summons hundreds of cats to slash and claw the enemy party
Level 7: Zero Infinity - Creates a singularity which dishes out pain to the whole enemy party.