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Here is a list of how to get some secret characters:
NOTE: I don't have all the characters on
here yet, i am trying to find a few more.

Pierre- When you are at termina in the Other World for the first time, go to the lady that has the mermaid in the cage, and korcha willtalk for a while, next go down the stairs and over the bridge to glenn, after hes dont talking, go to the blacksmiths.. and go in the other room. Talk to Pierre, he will tell you he lost his hero medal, then go outside and talk to the little kid running around in the blacksmith's back yard, he will give you the hero's medal. Give it to pierre and he will join your party.

Leena- When you first fight with Kid in your party, kill karsh and solt/peppor, then when she asks you if you should team up, say no and then she will talk, then go to leena standing on the dock (OTHER WORLD), talk to her and she will join your party.

Pip- When inside vipor manor, when you run into luccia's room, she wil talk a lot then you fight 2 wealking monsters, go to the left and unlock the door to pip's cage. Later when you are onboard the ghost/pirate ship, you will see him there and you will have to chase him around, you will eventually catch him and he will join you.

Poshul- EASY TO GET! :). Go to arni village (ANY WORLD), then enter the house farthest to the right, keep going right until you come to a room with a chest, open the chest get the tresure, then look under the top part of the bed and get the heckran bone. After that go to poshul and use the heckran bone, she will join your party.

Glenn- Hardest character to get =\. When you need to ge tthe Hydra Humour for kid, refuse to get it until karsh gets mad at you, then go to his house and talk to him, his mom will let you borrow the boat. now go to termina, and go to the entrance and Glenn will talk. After this, go to your boat again and macha will talk a lot, then glenn will walk up and join your party !!!!!!!!, but the bad thing is you get 1 star point behind until mt. pyre. :(.

Macha- Comes with Glenn. :)

Draggy- In the OTHER WORLD, go to fossil valley and go to the ledge with the sqwaking bird on it, get the egg and run away/fight the bird. Then when you get a boat in the homeoworld, go to the HOME WORLD's fort dragonia, solve the puzzles, and go DOWN the elevator, place the egg on the south fire icubator thing.

Nikki- Go to Shadow forest when you are supposed to enter vipir manor, he will join your party.

Miki- After the "gig" on the boat (Black dragon part), go into the boat, then go in the first door you see, go up to the balcony, and she will join your party.

Orlha- Before you enter the dead sea, go to guldove and you will get her. its self explainitory.

Starky- Go to the SKY DRAGON ISLE in the HOME WORLD, with a star fragment .. go to the top and you will battle MEGASTARKY ahh! dont worry! hes easy! :)

Doc- Comes with the Glenn storyline.