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6.19.00 | More News | Cactaur
The battle system makes use of a stamina point based system that starts the character out with a maximum of seven points. Basically, this system brings the effects of fatigue into the strategy of the battles. The battles are still turn-based in nature, but players will continue attacking until they use all of their stamina points. Weak attacks use up one point, medium attacks use up two points, and strong attacks use up three points. When attacking, it’s possible to use any combination of attacks until all of the stamina points are used up. Elemental spell attacks use a total of seven stamina points.

Chrono Cross’ magic system is based on a system of elements of different colors. As the character lands attacks, he or she gains the ability to start casting spells in that battle. The level of spell that can be cast is determined by an elemental magic bar, which increases as the player lands weak, medium, or strong attacks.

With the unique elemental system, use of fatigue in the battles, and the way the attacks and spells are intertwined ingeniously, the battle system in Chrono Cross proves to be one of the most intriguing and exhilarating of any role-playing game on the market.

Chrono Cross is without a doubt one of the best RPGs on PlayStation and will likely go down in history as one of the system's best games. North American gamers will have the chance to experience the glory of this wonderful gem when it's released on August 15, 2000.

2.19.00 | News | CopyCat 182

The following is information Cac and me got from Magazines and online newsletters, some from GIA™.

Chrono Cross will be a huge hit in North America due to the huge following Squaresoft has , and the great story line that was found in its predecessor Chrono Trigger. It takes place 20 years after Trigger does(1020). If you previously played Chrono Trigger before, you probably will not see any familar faces around.

Kid is one of the main characters. Through most of the game she will be your primary healer. Raised in Luccas orphanage she is head strong and determined to never show weakness to anyone. Her main weapon is a dagger. As more information about the game was released we learned that Chrono Cross was not in fact a true sequel to the original. Instead, it was a re-make of a spin off entitled Radical Dreamers. "Radical Dreamers eventually ended up as a sort of sequel to one of the subplots in Chrono Trigger," director Masato Kato told Famitsu, "which we weren't able to tie up in Chrono Trigger itself."

Chrono Cross will be Squaresofts last big game for the PSX as they will begin to ready other title for the upcoming Playstation2 to be released not too soon after the North American release of Chrono Cross. The game will feature time travel and parallel world much like Chrono Trigger did. As shown in the screen shots of the game Chrono Cross has gorgeous backgrounds and will feature some of the best FMV squaresoft is able to produce on the now aging PSX. Another unique feature of Chrono Cross is the fact that enemies will be able to be seen on the world map unlike the Final Fantasy titles where they seemed to jump right out at you.

A long with Serge, Glenn, and Kid there will be close to 40 characters that will be playable in the game. Some of them are just plain odd. Take Lucky Dan for example. He's a character made of hay straw, and his magic power That doesn't sound to lucky to me. Infact that makes almost no sense at all, but we'll have to see how it plays out. Maybe he'll light himself on fire to provide comic relief. Other characters appear to resemble pokemon more than they do traditional RPG characters. Then again many of the characters do indeed look like traditional sword, and magic users. The game will have everything imaginable, and many things yet undiscovered as far as characters go. Full suits of armor, and scantily clad female magic users that show off nice legs. Something for everyone.

Squaresoft has always been known for making interesting villains, and Chrono Cross will hold true to the tradition. Yamaneko is the main villain. He is a morphing cat like creature that is in search of the Frozen Flame so that he can use to do evil deeds. Serge and Co. are out to stop him. Sound like a traditional plot? We'll have to wait and see when the game is released. It's sure to have some surprises. Overall Chrono Cross is looking to be a great addition to any RPG fans game collection. I wouldn't miss it. A completely 3D world. More weapons and characters than anyone has ever seen before, and squaresofts magical FMV sequences. This game will be huge.

The battles of Chrono Trigger were very different in that they were fixed battles on the overhead map, instead of changing screens to battle. For those who played Xenogears, however, a new system was revealed where you switched screens, with a completely new system built from the ground up. This sticks in Chrono Cross. Like Xenogears, you have different levels of attacks on a power level of 1 to 3, and as you build up attack levels, certain spells and attacks (element attacks) become available. Dual Techs are also making a return, one such being the infamous X slash used by Chrono and Frog. Surge and Glenn now use the attack.

2.12.00 | Demo | Cactaur
There might be a demo of Chrono Cross with the game Legend of Mana, (a sequel to Secret of Mana), which also has no confirmed release date in America and Canada.

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