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^(^_^)^ Let The Insanity Commence ^(^_^)^

Midgar: *sucks the soggy Oreo off of Xelloss's fingers, blushing faintly, then suddenly notices she isn't alone with her newest SEHB* EEEP! Oto-chan! They're BAAACK!
Kai: *muffled* Tell them to wait a sec... Geez, Zoi-chan, you never quit! *giggle*
Midgar: -.-() Please excuse my twin. He's just a lil on the ecchi side...
Zoicite and Kai slip out from behind the curtain and arrange themselves in their usual position... Zoi draped on Kai's chest, the taller Authorial Power nuzzling his hair. Marron Glaces appears from the ether in a pristine flash of white flame, only to be glomped by a heart-eyed CW Nuriko and glared at from the shadows by a certain pair of eerily pale blue eyes.
Midgar: Welcome, oh best beloveds, to the What Might Have Been Bishounen Inspired Fan-Fiction Archive. I am the Twisted One, Midgar Valentine, and this is my twin brother, the Sickest of Puppies, Kai.
Kai: *from in Zoi's hair* Hi...
Midgar: *shaking her head* He's hopeless... Nuriko, the legal k'so, if you would be so kind?
CW Nuriko: Of course! *clears his throat softly* None of us bishies really belong to Mid-chan and Kai-kun, except of our own volition... *winks at Mid-chan* We were originally created by those brilliant Japanese anime and manga artists who gave the world Cardcaptor Sakura, Fushigi Yuugi, Mobile Suit Gundam Wing, Bakuretsu Hunters, Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon, and those astoundingly creative geniuses over at Squaresoft, specifically the Final Fantasy crew. Mid-chan and Kai-kun are just borrowing us, not profiting from us, and trying to amuse themselves in between college homework assignments. College in America is horridly expensive, so they have absolutely no money and suing them would be a waste of time and make them and us all very, very sad. I'm pretty sure every last one of us S.E.H.B.'s would cry, right guys?
All the Semi-Evil Hentai Bishounen nod very hard.
Midgar: Doumo arigatou, Nuri-chan! You're so sweet! *_*
Marron: *frowns* Ahem!
Midgar: *blushes* Not that you're not, Marron-sama... I just... I... Ah...*sputters*
Kai: *from Zoi's hair* Yuki-usagi, could you please give the parental advisory jargon while my dear twin finds her tongue?
Hentai Yukito: Of course. This site is full of all kinds of intersting stories written by Mid-chan, with editing by Kai and starring us. They have fun stuff in them like yaoi, shounen ai, yuri, shojo ai, adult humor, and swear words. If you are under 18 or offended by homosexual relationships, erotica, cursing, and shameless parodies, then please go to some other website and don't get our favorite evil twins in trouble.
Deux: Don't you have a few new stories in the mix, Yuki-chan?
HentaiYukito: Hai! Kathy-sama and Mid-chan are working on a new series called Roses and Snow, starring yours truly and Kiryuu Touga of Revolutionary Girl Utena. It basically throws the entire plot of Card Captor Sakura out the window, but its sweet and cute and shounen ai-ish so no one really cares. ^_^;;
Deux: SUGOI! I can't wait to read that! *purrs*
Midgar: That was SUPPOSED to be a SECRET...
Xelloss: *giggles* I'm the only one allowed to have secrets around here. Marron-sama? The abbriviations list?
Marron: Each of the anime or videogame titles has an abbreviated classification. FF7 is Final Fantasy VII, for example. Each story's type is also marked. An SI, for example, is a Self-Inclusion, in which the narrator interacts with the characters. AR stands for Alternate Reality, C for Continuation, SF for SongFic, and I for Inspired. Most of the Alternate Reality fanficions include versions of the characters played by Midgar, Kai, Dark Angel, Whisperwing and Kathy Duncan in Nightmayre Castle or Dark Universe. Nightmayre Castle is Midgar's original RPG over in Yahoo, and Dark Universe is a Four Generals Alternate Storyline BSSM role play, in which Kai plays Zoicite.
Zoicite: And he does such a perfect job of it, too...
Kai: One does one's best. *smirks triumphantly*
SEHBS... except Marron: Now, bring out the links!
Midgar: STOP STEALING MY LINES! *whips off her purple dress and chases them around in her dominatrix outfit, after Terry D., Keeper of Spandex Space, hands her the Bishy Whip (tm)*
Marron: *sweatdrops* Isn't this why I left Spooner in the first place?

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