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Well guys, i think i dont have to say many things here, what you see above is a normal full duty SERVER from Zenith Data Systems. 

This server has 1x166MHZ Pentium CPU (it can take up to 4) and it can take up to SIX ultra wide HOT SWAP SCSI hard drives. It also has a Sony SCSI Cd-Rom on it

It is a real monster in size and it needs to be in a room with air conditioning supply otherwise the room will get very hot with that server working. It is also very heavy (20kgs), have a look at the comparison pic below.

 It has 3 large fans inside to cool it off and the expandable possibilities of the motherboard are almost endless. Furthermore it has the full performance and security (it has locks everywhere) that a server has to have.


The back

The front

The hard disk bay's

The inside

The inside

The front LCD Status screen

The front LCD Status screen

A comparison between the server's size and a normal pentium pc's size

The hard disk bay protective door



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