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Sun SPARCstation 5   (1990)

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Processor(s): CY7C601 @ 40MHz, TI TMS390C601A (602A ?), Sun-4c
MMU, 16 hardware contexts, 28.5 MIPS, 4.2
MFLOPS, 21.8 SPECint92, 22.8 SPECfp92, 517
SPECintRate92, 541 SPECfpRate92
CPU: 501-1638/1744
Chassis type: square pizza box
Bus: SBus @ 20MHz, 3 slots
Memory: 64M physical on motherboard/128M total, 64K
write-through cache, direct-mapped, virtually
indexed, virtually tagged, 32-byte lines
Architecture: sun4c
Notes: Code name "Calvin". 1M or 4M x 9 30-pin 80ns
SIMMs, possibly higher capacities as well. Case
slightly larger and has more ventilation. (Some
models apparently have LSI L64811 @ 40MHz?)
Expansion beyond 64M is possible with a 32M SBus
card which can take a 32M daughterboard.



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The front

The login prompt

The workstations name is Sparky2




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