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Far away in another galaxy, there lived five great warriors who had a common destiny......... Joined together by Fate, their job was to protect the world against the Dark Forces of the Mutated Bunnys........ This is their tale, that has now become a LEGEND, these are: THE BUNNY WARS!

The Bunny Wars began as an Role Playing game (RP) that is STILL going on and getting more adventurous everyday! ^_^

If you dare read on how it all began go to:

BW page 1 BW page 2 BW page 3 BW page 4 BW page 5


BW page 6 BW page 7

(wow! you clicked it?!.... NO WAY! ;P)

Meet our heroes!

(thanks to Roy Satofor this pic.)

Name= Elisa Maza

Ocupation= Heroine wanna be! :P

Special traits= Glamoruos red cape
that floats majesticaly in the wind! ^_^

Name= Alex Destine <-- Her Home page!! ^_^

Ocupation= Goddess extraordinare!!

Special traits= An incredible ammount of self-esteem!

Name= Heather N. Allen

Ocupation= A schemer/dreamer/mischevious plotter!!

Special traits= Owner of a potentionaly dangerous "Mr. Carter" aka: Pie-zooka!! ;P

Name= Caliope

Ocupation= Unknown/general nusense & bringer of insanity

Special traits= Pie-zooka 2000, other cool wippy arsenage,
& the Book: Sourcery for Dummies. <-- (singed by the author! ;P)

(thanks to Phoenixfor this pic.)

Name= Victor

Ocupation= Charmer & Self-Proclaimed Sorcerer Supreme

Special traits= Super suave Master of the Arcane and is always tired. ;P

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