Other Fun-Loving Characters!

Announcer 1.0

Announcer 1.0 started out harmless enough, until Caliope & Elisa decided to push him off a tree and into the grasp of the Evil Green Creatures! Therefor becoming a pile of mush.
(as shown on the "after" pic)

Announcer 2.0

From Announcer, to a fun guy, all the way to an MTV bus driver!
This has been the fate of our most recent Announcer. He has put up with it this long, who says he wont do it for another season! ^_^

Ordinary Monkey

Poor Ordinary Monkey can be called anything but ordinary...

Favorite pass-time: to nod eagerly! =P
Fun, adorable, and an all around cute little critter. He is able to give the most reasonable advise by just nodding eagerly!
How could we get along without the precious Ordinary Monkey! :)

Flying Pig

What the heck is that doing here?!?!?!

Weird, odd looking little thing, the flying pig (called P-chan by Alex =P) is just something really weird that came from this RP.

There is absolutly no explanation for this creature other then the fact that he looks kinda cute!
His life has been in danger thanks to the overwhelming foot of the giant Baby-Caliope!
But now he is back to health and is usually seen playing around with the Ordinary Monkey.


Hey LOOK!!!... it's a bunny with bat-wings!

Babbit, like the flying pig, is a little weird and his use for the RP is,... well,.... because he's CUTE! ~_^
Any questions?

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