The Weird Files : Side stories from The Bunny Wars!

Hello Everyone!! ^_^
I'm so glad you're here!

Be warned: This page was created for purely evil purposes!!

The stories you are about to behold are not part of The Bunny Wars stream but they contain basicaly the same characters.

To tell you the truth, I was just amazinly bored and my Muses: Quatre & Duo made me write this.
So I decided to make a whole new page about it.

Now, here's the fun part!! Anyone can make a story! ^_^

People who have read The Bunny Wars should know more or less our different characters. Wouldn't it be nice if our audience could write their own stories about us....... nice stories!..... (Oh GAWD! What have I gotten myself into?!?!) O_O

A few simple rules: (u never know if these could come in handy)
1) No nauthy language!
2) Nothing above a PG-13 level! -_-
3) No adult situations!.... (you know what I mean!!) wait, wouldn't this qualify into the secound rule?..... still! Am I making my point clear! ;P heehee

Well,.... as for lenght, try not to make them into a novel! ^_^
Send them to my email =
Thank you!

The Weird Files

The Day Alex Was Bored : by Alex Destine.

Kitchen Disasters: Heather & Alex style : by Alex Destine.

Ancient Manuscript : by Alex Destine & editted by Caliope. Added August 26, 2000.