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What Bangladesh Is Really Like

One day in November of 1999 I suddenly realized that Bangladesh sends many students to Jefferson State. I realized this because Tanzila Ahmed asked me why I had not yet created a Bangladesh site at "The World According to Mister O." That same day I was visited by four more students from Bangladesh. So, by popular request, here is a site designed to let you know what Bangladesh is really like.

Bangladesh is small, very densely populated, and very poor. From 1948 until about 1971, Bangladesh was a part of Pakistan. It was known then as East Pakistan. In Bangladesh, just providing food and shelter is a never-ending grind for most people.

The key word in Bangladesh nowadays is "hartal." A "hartal" is a nationwide work stoppage in protest of government policies. Often a "hartal" lasts for 24 hours, but there have been so many "hartals" in recent years that the overall economy of the nation has been affected as Opposition Leader Zia and Prime Minister Hasina (the daughter of the Father of the Nation Mujibur) struggle back and forth to place their parties in control of the nation. Both of these women seem to want the best for their country, but their party fights are a major factor in the weak economy of Bangladesh.