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As we all know, Americans are geographically challenged. Most of us can't find Sri Lanka or Malawi on a globe and many of us think that most Africans see lions and giraffes on a regular basis. Most of us are unaware of the gigantic movie industries of Pakistan and India. Very few Americans know that Nairobi is huge modern city similar to Denver or that the largest single company in the world is the Indian National Railroad. In brief, we need some help with our knowledge of what the rest of the world is really like.

So, this site is designed to aid Americans who are in need of a crash course in geography, history, and current events. And, as this page develops, I will record what I have learned about various nations and cultures of the world. Each section of this site will have a title such as "What Kenya Is Really Like" or "What India Is Really Like." Much of each section will be devoted to the best and most useful links that I can find for you.

Visit this site often and you will constantly find new things.

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