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As in nearly every country of the world you will find a Jewish Community. Some are Very large numbering in thousands, whilst others are not so large and others are small.

The Jewish Community of Malta is one of the tiniest ones. It has been in continuous existence in these peaceful beautiful islands, in the middle of the Mediterranean sea from time immemorial.

Have a look at the following few pages and learn the fascinating history of this community now numbering only 120 persons.

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The History of The Jews of Malta

The Community

New Jewish Community Centre and Synagogue

The Synagogue

Synagogue Services

The Festival of Passover

George Tayar Commemorated

The Jewish Slave Community

The 18th Century Jewish Cemetery at Kalkara

The Jewish Jokes I Like

The Difference between Judaism and Catholicism

The Jewish Faith

Converting to the Jewish Faith

A Short History Lesson

Malta - Israel Newsletter

The Israel - Malta Friendship Association

The Maltese Jewish Religious Tradition

Some Jewish Music

The Apology

The Maltese National Anthem

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