Hag Purim Same'ah !

On The occasion of the High Holy Days, all of us in Malta wish to extend to our Friends and many readers from all over the World A Shanah Tovah k'tiva vehatima tova!

Israeli Airforce to Participate in Malta Air Show

Reliable sources have confirmed that 2 F-15 + 2 F-16 fighter jets from the Israeli Defense Forces' Air Force will be participating in this year's Malta Air Show. 
A Boeing 707 Jet re-fueller will also be coming over. The Fighter planes will re-fuel over Maltese territory, do some stunt flying over Malta's International Airport and return to Israel. 
This is the IDF's first ever participation in Malta's now prestigous Air Show.#0080FF
Shanah Tovah 5759 
Help Us Build A Synagogue 
Schedule of Services 
Here We Go Again... 

Funds for the Synagogue Project Are Welcome

Valletta, Malta - As some of you already know our small community is still without a synagogue. Earlier this year an appeal was launched to find funds to buy a house which would be converted into a synagogue and community centre.  
We are still far from our target. So any contributions however small are most welcome. Show us you have a big heart and that you care for your brethren, let us have your donation. All donations should be made out to the Jewish Community and should be mailed to "The Jewish Community, Postal Box 42, B'Kara, Malta, Europe" Please make a note that you so our appeal on the net

Here We Go Again !

    Fgura, Malta
    After the rather harsh winter we have had Spring is around the corner and the Purim and Pessah Holidays will be with us soon. 
    For TuBeShvat the Society is again planting trees at the Jewish Grove at Fgura and a Purim Carnival Party will also be held.We also plan a seder celebration commemorating Pessah as part of our  programme of activities.  A circular with all relevant details has been mailed which I hope you have all received . Meanwhile if you are reading this note and  you are still not a member and wish to join please send us your name and details atsabra@keyworld.net

Services Schedule for March / June 1999 All Jewish Visitors Are Welcome


March  1st

Purim Evening Service and Pary 19:00
March  6th
Shabbat Morning Service 10:00
April 1st 
First Day Pesach 
Morning Service
April 7th
 Morning Service Seventh Day Pesach 09:00
May 1st
Morning Service
May 21st
    Morning Service 
    First Day Shevout 
    (Yiskor Memorial Service)
    Saturday June 5th
Shabbat Morning Service 10:00
From Here until The High Holy Holidays, Shabbat, Morning Services will be held on the First Saturday of each month at 10:00 am

For more information when in Malta, please ring Mr. Reuben Ohayon on 237309 during Office hours. But please respect the Shabbat and Jewish Holidays.

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