Aimak and Bolt
Mabel H was born about 1894 in , , Hawaii. Parents: unknown .

Spouse: George Baker Leavitt.

Malachi (private). Parents: Margaret Koenig.

male (private). Parents: unknown and Eva Sikvayugak.

male (private).

Spouse: Quangyaona Cowagwona. Children were: Kayaloo Kayloo, Akillasoou , Rebecca Lawarauua .

Maniilauraq Nellie Ward (private).

Marie was born about 1920.

Spouse: Alec Attungowruk Melik. Marie and Alec Attungowruk Melik were married about 1945. Children were: Chester Lisbourne Melik.

Marion was born.

Spouse: Charlie Klengenberg Bolt. Children were: Helen B Bolt, Lorraine Bolt, Jorgen Bolt, Steven Bolt, Bob Otokiak Bolt, Clarence Bolt.

Martha (private).

Spouse: Charlie Nukapigak. Children were: Charlie Jr Nukapigak, Christina Nukapigak, Isaac Nukapigak, Bruce Nukapigak.

Martha was born about 1904 in Kobuk, Noatak-Kobuk, Alaska.

Spouse: Herman Aumaaluk Tickett. Martha and Herman Aumaaluk Tickett were married about 1922. Children were: Clara Tickett, Tead Tickett.

Martha was born about 1910.

Spouse: Zachary Ootek Ittimangnaq.

Martha E was born on 14 October 1934 in Barrow, Noatak-Kobuk, Alaska. She died on 19 January 2001 in Barrow, North Slope, Alaska.

Spouse: Warren O Matumeak.

Mary1 was born about 1848 in , , Massachusetts. She died after 1900 in San Francisco, San Francisco, California.

Spouse: James Allen. Mary and James Allen were married about 1873 in San Francisco, San Francisco, California. They were divorced. 1900 James is living as a boarder divorced in San Fran. CA Children were: Authur James Allen, Alice Allen.

Mary was born about 1874 in Tigerah, Noatak-Kobuk, Alaska.

Spouse: Tom Aniksoah. Children were: Tom S Aniksoah, Thomas A Aniksoah, Mona S Aniksoah, Dora S Aniksoah, Aniksoak Aniksoah.

Mary K was born about 1911.

Spouse: Robert E or I Angashuk James. Children were: Rebecca James, Florence K James.

Mary P was born about 1884 in Napaktok, Noatak-Kobuk, Alaska.

Spouse: Jimmy Kataktuvik. Mary P and Jimmy Kataktuvik were married about 1916 in Barrow, Noatak-Kobuk, Alaska. Children were: Rodger Kataktuvik Kasak, Helen Kasak Kataktuvik.

Spouse: unknown . Mary P and unknown were married about 1911. Children were: Rodger Kataktuvik Kasak.

Massak was born in April 1889 in Barrow, Noatak-Kobuk, Alaska, USA. Massak is Antone's granddaughter but not from Lydia and James Itta

Spouse: Looka Bett. Massak and Looka Bett were married in 1907 in Barrow, Noatak-Kobuk, Alaska. Children were: Capaauna Bett.

Mattie A was born on 29 September 1905 in Napaktok, Noatak-Kobuk, Alaska, USA. She died on 28 October 2006 in Wainwright, North Slope, Alaska, USA.

Spouse: Waldo Kusik Bodfish. Mattie A and Waldo Kusik Bodfish were married about 1924 in Tigerah, Noatak-Kobuk, Alaska, USA. Children were: Minnie Bodfish, Davey A Bodfish, Nimrod K Bodfish, Dempsey Bodfish, Barry N Bodfish, Homer Bodfish.

Maude K was born in 1896 in Shungnak, Noatak-Kobuk, Alaska.

Spouse: Johnny Inuktauq UIuatchiaq Cleveland. Maude K and Johnny Inuktauq UIuatchiaq Cleveland were married about 1914. Children were: George O Cleveland, Clara Cleveland.

May was born about 1899 in Shungnak, Noatak-Kobuk, Alaska.

Spouse: David Angoyerklik Black. May and David Angoyerklik Black were married about 1919 in Shungnak, Noatak-Kobuk, Alaska. Children were: Andrew Black, Harding Black, Viola Black, Joseph Black.

Meta (private).

Spouse: Olaf Lord. Children were: George Ahmaogak.

Mildred S was born on 10 April 1916. She died on 29 July 1999 in Kaktovik, North Slope, Alaska.

Spouse: Herman S Kavisiglook Rexford.

Mirna K was born about 1885 in Utkeagvik, Noatak-Kobuk, Alaska.

Spouse: Jonas Oyugoak. Children were: Ionas Oyugoak, Jennie Edwardsen.

Molly was born about 1891 in Tigerah, Noatak-Kobuk, Alaska.

Spouse: Aniksoak Aniksoah. Molly and Aniksoak Aniksoah were married about 1915. Children were: Casper Aniksoak, Olivia Aniksoak, Helen Aniksoak.

mother was born.

Spouse: Shingatok. Children were: Irving Shingatok.

Nancy N was born about 1891 in Tigerah, Noatak-Kobuk, Alasla.

Spouse: Siqweenrruk? . Children were: Sarah Siqweenrruk.

Nannie N was born about 1912.

Spouse: James Kagak Ahyoovik. Nannie N and James Kagak Ahyoovik were married in 1929. Children were: Willis K Kagak, Morris Kagak, Liccy Kagak.

Nayuisana was born about 1912.

Spouse: Levi Agasratkoak Rexford. Nayuisana and Levi Agasratkoak Rexford were married about 1925. Children were: Fenton P Rexford.

Nina was born about 1881 in Kotzebue, Noatak-Kobuk, Alaska.

Spouse: Benjamin Arnold. Children were: Herson Clarence Ipiiliq Iggiagruk Hensley, Gertrude Brown Arnold, David Arnold.

Nora (private).

Spouse: Edward Norton. Children were: Irene Norton.

Nora T was born about 1882 in Utpeagvik, Noatak-Kobuk, Alaska.

Spouse: Philip Paneunayuk. Nora T and Philip Paneunayuk were married about 1906 in Utpeagvik, Noatak-Kobuk, Alaska. Children were: Cornelia E Paneunayuk Phillips, Verna Ahalak Paneunayuk, Isa Paneunayuk, Noah K Paneunayuk Phillips.

Spouse: Joseph Ugayak. Nora T and Joseph Ugayak were married aft 1920 - bfr 1930 in Utpeagvik, Noatak-Kobuk, Alaska.

Pauline P was born about 1910.

Spouse: William N or E Elook.

Pearl N was born about 1901 in Barrow, Noatak-Kobuk, Alaska.

Spouse: Carlos Lieb. Children were: Lena P .

Pheobe (private).

Spouse: Isaiah Okakok. Children were: Lula Kaleatook, Bert Okakak, Guy Sr Okakok, Clifford Aalasuk Daniels Okakok, female Okakok.

Pheobe P was born about 1869 in Napaktok, Noatak-Kobuk, Alaska.

Spouse: Isiah Okakok. Children were: Guy A Okakok, Bert A Okakok, Woodrow A Okakok.

Polly A was born on 17 January 1929 in Nuvuk, Noatak-Kobuk, Alaska. She died on 4 May 2006 in Fairbanks, North Star, Alaska. Polly Tegoseak
Polly Tegoseak passed away peacefully in the presence of her family on April 30, 2006, at Denali Center.
Polly was born Jan. 17, 1929, in Barrow. She was married to Stephen Tegoseak on April 8, 1947, and the family moved to Fairbanks in the early 1950s.
In her last days Polly sang a song significant to her religion and family. The song's final words are: "I'm going home to die no more."
Polly was preceded in death by her husband of 59 years, Stephen Tegoseak Sr., and her sons, Frank Tegoseak and Isaac Tegoseak.
Polly's immediate family includes her sons, Titus, Stephen Jr. and James Tegoseak; and daughter, Rebecca Finneseth.
Visitation will be held from noon to 2 p.m., Friday, May 5, at First Presbyterian Church, 547 Seventh Ave. A funeral will begin at 2 p.m.
A traditional potlatch will follow in the church social hall.
Arrangements were by Chapel of Chimes Funeral Home. Parents: Frank Ahyak and Rebecca T. .

Spouse: Stephen G or A Tegoseak. Polly A and Stephen G or A Tegoseak were married on 8 April 1947 in Barrow, Noatak-Kobuk, Alaska. Children were: Frank Tegoseak, Isaac Tegoseak, Titus Tegoseak, Stephen Jr Tegoseak, James Tegoseak, Rebbecca Tegoseak.

Qakiqsinuaraq (private).

Spouse: Inuayaaq Or Qichaq. Children were: Andrew Sattu Norton, Martha Qichaq.

Rachel was born between 1936 and 1940.

Spouse: Riley Sikvayugak. Rachel and Riley Sikvayugak were married about 1960. Children were: Riley Sikvayugak, Marilyn Sikvayugak, Jerry Sikvayugak, Terry Sikvayugak.

Rebecca Lawarauua was born in October 1874 in Barrow, Noatak-Kobuk, Alaska. 1910 - Noatak Kobuk, Division 4, Alaska (Barrow) under the name Lovaranna

1930 - in Barrow file under Rebecca T Ahyak Home in 1930: Noatak Kobuk, Second Judicial District, Alaska Territory Age: 49 Estimated birth year: abt 1881 Relation to Head of House: Wife Spouse's name: Frank Parents: male and Quangyaona Cowagwona.

Spouse: Frank Ahyak Agak. Children were: Paul Matumeak, Seravowraloo Agak, Moses K Agak, Helen Agak, Myrtle P Agak, Freddie I Agak, Polly A Agak.

Rebecca T. was born about 1883 in Napktok, Noaktak-Kobuk, Alaska.

Spouse: Frank Ahyak. Children were: Moses K Ahyak, Polly A .

Rhoda A was born about 1891 in Utpeagvik, Noatak-Kobuk, Alaska.

Spouse: Shirly Ekeak Toklak. Rhoda A and Shirly Ekeak Toklak were married about 1923 in Utpeagvik, Noatak-Kobuk, Alaska. Children were: Carrie Toklak, Mark N Toklak, Dorothy A Toklak, Olive A Toklak, Florence K Toklak.

Spouse: unknown . Children were: Carrie Toklak, Mark N Toklak.

Richard (private).

Spouse: Lilly Pikok.

Rita was born.

Spouse: Leonard Felder. Rita and Leonard Felder were divorced. Children were: Jason Felder, Aalook Felder.

Rose (private).

Spouse: Eben Jr Hopson.

Rose A was born about 1909.

Spouse: Oliver Nulautak James Angashuk. Children were: Blanche N James Angashuk.

Rose E was born about 1899 in Barrow, Noatak-Kobuk, Alaska.

Spouse: Thomas Jr Metvicoke Gordon. Children were: Laura Gordon, Clara Gordon, Tommy O Gordon, Dora N Gordon, Emma A Gordon, Jane W Gordon, Martha Gordon Kalayouk.

Rosie (private).

Spouse: Lloyd Smith. Children were: Isabella R Smith, Olivia R Smith, Helen Bismark Smith.

Ruth T was born about 1913.

Spouse: Paul P Wadlook Tazruk. Ruth T and Paul P Wadlook Tazruk were married about 1930.

Sallie was born about 1904 in Barrow, Noatak-Kobuk, Alaska. 1930 - Tigerah Village filed under "Noatak Kobuk, Second Judicial District, Alaska Territory" under the name Sallie Marman age 26

Spouse: Jimmy Marmoth Killigivuk. Sallie and Jimmy Marmoth Killigivuk were married about 1925 in Tigerah, Noatak-Kobuk, Alaska. Children were: Eugene Killigivuk, Edgar Killigivuk, Nadine Killigivuk.

Sally was born.

Spouse: Juana Asugeak Kuwanna.

Samuel (private). Parents: Susan Glenn.