Aimak and Bolt
Abigail (private).

Spouse: Warren L Nashookpuk. Children were: Freddy Nashookpuk, Warren Jr Nashookpuk, Henry Nashookpuk, Johnny Nashookpuk, Florence Nashookpuk.

Ageak (private).

Spouse: Savik Savik. Children were: Solomon Nasauyuak.

Agnes was born.

Spouse: Owen Allen Anablak.

Ahlak was born in 1930. Parents: Charley and Irene .

Akillasoou was born in December 1869 in Barrow, Noatak-Kobuk, Alaska. 1910 - Noatak Kobuk, Division 4, Alaska (Barrow) under the name Akillasoon Parents: male and Quangyaona Cowagwona.

Spouse: Isawanna Isawanna. Children were: Oviaranna Isawanna, Augathun Isawanna.

Albert was born. Parents: Cynthia Oliktoak Kuneyuna.

Alice (private).

Spouse: Roy Ahmaogak.

Alice was born about 1868 in Shungnak, Noatak-Kobuk, Alaska. She died after 1940 in Shungnak, Noatak-Kobuk, Alaska.

Spouse: Black Jackson. Alice and Black Jackson were married about 1885 in Shungnak, Noatak-Kobuk, Alaska. Children were: Johnnie Jackson, Hannah Aqturaq Jackson, Jennie Jackson, Peter Jackson, Delbert Aaquk Jackson.

Alice J was born about 1879 in Tigerah, Noatak-Kobuk, Alaska. She died after 1930 in Pt Hope, North Slope, Alaska.

Spouse: Bob Oviak Oviuk. Children were: Dinah Aviq Oviuk, Jane K Oviuk, Kirk Oviuk, Millie Oviuk.

Alma D was born about 1856 in Barnstable, Barnstable, massachusetts. She died bfr 1930 in Barnstable, Barnstable, massachusetts. 1920 was the last census found alive in barnstable, barnstable, mass. with husband Osborn

Spouse: Osborn D Hallett. Alma D and Osborn D Hallett were married in 1901 in Barnstable, Barnstable, massachusetts.

Almedia (private).

Spouse: Frank J Thibedeau. Almedia and Frank J Thibedeau were married about 1910.

Amy (private).

Spouse: Joseph Sheets.

Anna or Hanna O was born about 1875 in Nuvuk, Noatak-Kobuk, Alaska. She died in Barrow, Noatak-Kobuk, Alaska.

Spouse: Michael Keogak Kayaivah. Children were: Carrie E Kayaivak Keogak Kayaivah, Jimmie K Keogak Kayaivah.

Annie died on 16 March 2005 in Nuiqsut, North Slope, Alaska. She was born ab t 1921. Annie Allen, 84

Nuiqsut resident Annie Allen, 84, died March 16, 2005, at the Mary Conrad Center in Anchorage.

A service was March 24 in Nuiqsut. The Rev. Mike Curtis officiated. Howard Kittick, Arnold Kittick Jr., Lloyd Kittick, William Kittick, Paul Kittick, Ray Atos, Andre Kovalsky, Charles Kovalsky, Jason Christensen and Simeon Kittick were pallbearers.

She was born Jan. 3, 1921, near Nuiqsut.

Mrs. Allen was a member of the Assembly of God.

The family said: "She enjoyed sewing, fishing, camping and witnessing for the Lord. Annie Allen will always be remembered by her family as a loving, praying woman who was one of the founders of the village of Nuiqsut. She will be greatly missed, but it will also be a joyful time when we all get together in heaven."

Mrs. Allen is survived by her daughters and son, Louisa Skipper, Jim Allen, Maggie Kovalsky and Lena Maoles; 22 grandchildren; 46 great-grandchildren; and four great-great-grandchildren.

She was preceded in death by her husband, Nell Allen, and 10 children.

Anchorage Funeral Home and Crematory was in charge of arrangements.

Spouse: Neil Allen.

Annie was born on 13 June 1896 in Tigerah, Noatak-Kobuk, Alaska. She died in April 1977 in Pt. Hope, North Slope, Alaska.

Spouse: Peter Kooneak or Koonooyak. Annie and Peter Kooneak or Koonooyak were married about 1930 in Tigerah, Noatak-Kobuk, Alaska.

Annie was born in 1920. Parents: unknown and Sielak Sielak.

Arnesto (private). Parents: Margaret Koenig.

Bessie N was born about 1906 in Otakok, Noatak-Kobuk, Alaska. She died about 1970.

Spouse: William P Anga. Children were: David O Anga, Lizzie O Anga.

Betty was born on 24 December 1944 in Barrow, Noatak-Kobuk, Alaska. She died on 25 January 1999 in Barrow, North Slope, Alaska.

Spouse: Joseph Nashaknik.

Beverly was born.

Spouse: Steven Bolt. Beverly and Steven Bolt were married.

Carla (private).

Spouse: Stange. Children were: Emma Lisbourne, Maddision Lisbourne.

Carolyn (private).

Spouse: William Hopson.

Catherine was born on 2 November 1924 in Tigerah, Noatak-Kobuk, Alaska. She died on 8 February 2010 in Barrow, North Slope, Alaska.

Spouse: Owen S Tuckfield.

Charley was born about 1909.

Spouse: Irene . Children were: Ahlak .

Chelsea was born about 1968. Parents: Teresa Timothy.

Cindy (private). Parents: Stanley Kuliktana Kellogok. Parents: Rose Kellogok.

Clara (private).

Spouse: William Inugruaq. Children were: William Leavitt Keegak.

Clara (private).

Spouse: Michael Toovak. Children were: Jean Toovak.

Claudia was born about 1925.

Spouse: Seymore Tuzroyluke. Children were: S Tuzroyluke.

Cora P was born on 15 March 1892 in Utkeavik, Noatak-Kobuk, Alaska. She died in July 1983 in Fairbanks, North Star, Alaska.

Spouse: Andy Ungarook. Cora P and Andy Ungarook were married about 1908 in Utkeavik, Noatak-Kobuk, Alaska. Children were: Katherine Niayuq Ungarook, Patsy A Ungarook, Terza T Kasak Ungarook, Dorcus A Ungarook, Mollie A Ungarook, Max A Ungarook, George T Ungarook, Raleigh A Ungarook.

Curtis was born about 1972. Parents: Dolly Timothy.

Delia was born.

Spouse: Howard Sr Stone. Children were: Molly Stone, Barney Stone, Eli Stone, Thomas Stone, Minnie Stone.

Devon was born. Parents: Cynthia Oliktoak Kuneyuna.

Dorcas (private).

Spouse: Elijah Rock. Children were: Rex Allen Sr Rock.

Dorothy (private).

Spouse: Van Derrick Edwardsen. Children were: Tracy Edwardsen.

Edith was born in 1880 in , , Wisconsin. She died in , Price, Wisconsin.

Spouse: Henry C Sr LaRose. Edith and Henry C Sr LaRose were married in 1896 in , Price, Wisconsin. Children were: Henry C Jr LaRose, Thaddus LaRose, Charles LaRose, Walter LaRose, Roy LaRose.

Effie (private).

Spouse: Charlie Klengenberg Hakpitok Avakana.

Eldora R was born in February 1848 in Barnstable, Barnstable, massachusetts. She died after 1930 in Barnstable, Barnstable, massachusetts.

Spouse: Luther C Hallett.

Eliza was born on 27 April 1910. She died in April 1985 in Santa Ana, Orange, California.

Spouse: Francis A Ahlook.

Elizabeth was born.

Spouse: James Matumeak. Elizabeth and James Matumeak were divorced.

Elizabeth was born in 1897 in , , Canada.

Spouse: Samuel Magids.

Elizabeth was born about 1912.

Spouse: Jacob A Mashina. Elizabeth and Jacob A Mashina were married in 1930.

Elizabeth was born on 17 November 1918 in Barrow, Noatak-Kobuk, Alaska, USA. She died in October 1977 in Anchorage, Anchorage, Alaska, USA.

Spouse: Donald Ahsoak. Children were: Russell Ahsoak, Dorcas Ahsoak, Alec Ahsoak Ahsoak.

Elizabeth M was born about 1899 in , , Missouri. She died in Phoenix, Maricopa, Arizona.

Spouse: Eli Harrison Stotts. Elizabeth M and Eli Harrison Stotts were married bfr june 5 1917 in Billings, Yellowstone, Montana. Children were: Mildred Elizabeth Stotts, Virgil Stotts, Harry Stotts.

Ellen was born about 1864 in Kivilana, Noatak-Kobuk, Alaska, USA.

Spouse: John Saganna. Children were: Nellie Walton Saganna.

Elma L was born about 1879 in , , Pennsylvania.

Spouse: James B Turner. Elma L and James B Turner were married about 1900 in , , Delware. Children were: James E Turner, Elizabeth E Turner.

Elouise A was born about 1912.

Spouse: Bert A Okakok. Children were: Roy O Okakok.

Elsie K was born about 1909.

Spouse: Isaac Samarunga Kongana Anneevik. Elsie K and Isaac Samarunga Kongana Anneevik were married about 1929.

Emma A was born about 1899 in Wainwright, Noatak-Kobuk, Alaska. She died bfr 1930 in Barrow, Noatak-Kobuk, Alaska.

Spouse: Hugh Sevqyuyvna Kutchik. Emma A and Hugh Sevqyuyvna Kutchik were married about 1915 in Barrow, Noatak-Kobuk, Alaska. Children were: Frances K Kutchik, Clifford K Kutchik, Delbert M Kutchik, Gilford Mongoyuk.

Erika (private). Parents: Hazel Tiguatchiaq Adams.

Spouse: Cheng Saechao. Children were: Nehemiah Y Saechao, Zachariah Y Saechao, Hezekiah Y Saechao.