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Family Tree,
Part Two

History I: From Ras Tafari to Haile Sellassie

Tafari at age of 16
Tafari Makonnen with dignitaries at age of 16.

History II: War & Exile

Princesses Sihen (right) and Mary Asfa-Wossen
(1960 at Beneden Boarding school in England).

History III: Revolution

1974 or 1975, Addis Ababa,
Under Arrest (Last picture).

Please visit Family Tree and see the European connection to Royal Families of the World. Here are my additions to their web site on Ethiopian Royal Family.

My line:

In 1995, then the head of the family Crown Prince Asfa-Wossen (also refered to as HIM Amha Sellassie), who died on January 17 1997, appointed his grand son Bekere Fikre-Sellassie as his heir and head of the family. This he did in view of the fact that his son Zere-Yaqob had been ill for some time and was deemed unable to assume his role as heir. Witnesses to this are members of the Crown Council. In fact, the current heir as designated by the last head of the Ethiopian Royal Family HIM Amha Sellassie is HIH Prince Bekere Fikre- Sellassie. Whose title was missing and name was mistakenly written. In the same manner, my mother who is the first born to HIM Amha Sellassie and Princess Wolte Israel was called Princess Edjigayehu; she was a victum of the Marxist revolution in Ethiopia. She passed away in prison on Febuary 2, 1977.

I noticed your source gives information on the education of some members, I can render information on the education of my siblings.
Woizero Rachel is a graduate of Wellesly College 1982. Woizero Meheret Fikre-Selassie grad of Smith College 1983. Myself, Esther; married name (Sellassie Antohin) grad of New York University and Issac Fikre-Sellassie (Rhode Island School of Design, 1986). Similarly information of the spouses of my siblings are Woizero Aide is Married to Lij Samson Fikre-Sellassie, Ato Aefa Taye is Married to Woizero Meheret Fikre-Sellassie and Mr. Anatoly Antohin is married to Esther Sellassie Antohin they have two children -- daughter Edjigayehu Antohin and son Teferi Antohin. Woizero Asqal Teferi is Married to Issac Fikre-Sellassie and they have a daughter also Edjigayehu Issac.

Other updates are as follows:
Princess Maryam Sena has two sons Sora and Yoha Saifu. Sefrashe Bizu has two daughters they are Aida and Rebecca Fasil. Princess Sable Wengel Desta's son Lij Amha is not the oldest but the youngest of all her children, he was born in 1974.

Woizero Hanna Dereje has a son he is Desta Aklock. The second son of HIH Prince Mekonnen Haile-Sellassie is Prince Micheal Mekonnen (unfortunately his name is missing) Prince David Mekonnen has two sons, as does Prince Teferi (Phillip) Mekonnen. Prince Beide Mariam has a daughter Bleine Beide Mariam.

I am a royal genealogist and I have been researching Ethiopian genealogies for over 20 years. I would be most grateful if you would email the following information: (1) The exact place and date of your marriage to Anatoly (2) The exact place and date of Anatoly's birth, his full name and his parents' full names including his mother's maiden name (3) The exact place and date of Sasha's birth (4) The exact place and date of Alex-Tafari's birth

Esther Fikre-Sellassie and Anatoly Antohin were married in Jerusalem on March 2, 1984.

Anatoly Georgevich Antohin was born in Moscow, Russia in March 1, 1949 of his parents, Lydia Giryakova and Georgii Antohin.

Alexandra (Sasha) Edjigaheu Sellassie Antohin was born in Manhattan, New York on August 9, 1984.

Alexey Tafari Sellassie-Antohin was born in Montpellier, Vermont on June 28, 1986.

Alexandra Sellassie-Antohin

Feb. 6, 2000

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