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I started this website back in 1996 when the internet looked really crappy. I was a sophomore in high school. I never did much with the website (honestly, I was too busy working on debate) and like many pieces of our adolescent life, it was left behind when I went in to college. I forgot about it for several years, only to find it still floating around. I'd think about updating it, then not update it and repeat the cycle. Thirteen years after graduating high school, I'm getting around to making the website less embarrassing. In truth, the website is probably more about vanity than anything else because honestly, who might show up on this website looking for debate info?

The main value of this website is the link section. I have scrubbed the nineties links and tried to make connections to good research sites online and some of the debate websites I found. However, if you are history-minded you might find the brief discussion of 90s debate interesting. Mostly I hope you find the link section useful. If you know of some research links or debate websites you find helpful and would like me to add those links here, please visit the contact page and include them in the contact form.

I debated in the late nineties in the Dallas/Fort Worth area at a large school with a very small team. I began debating LD and co-founded the first CX team that school had since the early eighties. As far as I know, it was the last CX team that school has had since (not because we were that bad). I also had an on again-off again affair with original oratory and extemporaneous speaking. On a lark, I also competed in duet, prose and poetry (none successfully) over my three years in high school. I did not go on to debate in college. I eventually made it to law school. Now I am the principal attorney at The Kielich Law Frm where I practice employment law, labor law, personal injury law and family law in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. (Do we still call it the Metroplex??)