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Looking for some outside help on a debate-related legal subject? Is your team looking for outside help on public speaking or debate skills? Are you a high school or college debater interested in practicing law? I would be happy to discuss my availability with you. The best way to contact me about debate-related topics is through the contact form below. I know, they are annoying to use but if you will just tell me who you are and a brief message I will email you back. It's the only way to prevent spam.

Please do not email me through this website regarding any matter in which you need legal services or advice. Contacting me or my office through this website will not create an attorney-client relationship and you will not receive any legal advice or communication from my law firm through this website. This contact form is for high school/college debate-related subjects. Any information sent through this website is not privileged.

Your name and email address will be kept confidential and only used to discuss the subject of your message below. I do not retain your information for any other purpose and do not share or sell it to any other party.

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