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Ok I know what you're thinking: what the heck is this? Why do we need more geometry?

Americans for More Rhombus is a super PAC I operate. I don't have a good home for it online so I figured this is as good of a place to put it. I came up with the name Americans for More Rhombus because I thought it sounded funny. The Federal Election Commission, that oversees PACs (political action committees), does not pass judgment on the names selected (obviously). I decided to test out how little the FEC cared about the name of a superPAC shortly after I heard a news story on NPR about a guy in Florida that holds dozens of bizarrely named super PACs. At about the same time Stephen Colbert and his super PAC started selling kits to open other super PACs and in came a flood of entertainingly-named super PACs. It's very easy to start a super PAC, you just fill out a form and submit a form letter indicating your desire to convert it into a super PAC. Then you file periodic accounting reports.

I started Americans for More Rhombus without any expectation of attention. However, a few months later I started getting requests from the Wall Street Journal, ABC News, New York Times, USA Today and others looking to discuss the super PAC. And not just riff raff interns trolling for stories. These were people who get bylines calling my cell phone to talk about America's need for more rhombus. You can find some of the stories mentioning Americans for More Rhombus from The Washington Post, ABC News, USA Today, and Politico.

In addition to seeing if I could pass off an entertaining name for a super PAC, I also thought it made sense to grab a super PAC just in case. Super PACs are a product of the Supreme Court's Citizens United decision. It's contentious and I see both sides of the debate. There is a possibility that at some point in the future the Supreme Court will recant the decision or Congress will craft legislation that limits political spending without running afoul of the Constitution but cuts of future super PACs. Should that happen, those in possession of super PACs could have a substantial advantage in politics for decades if they can hold open their super PACs and keep access to the unlimited funding and spending super PACs allow. As a lawyer it is foreseeable that I could decide to get more involved politically and want to do some fundraising or spending, so it makes sense to keep that option open. For the cost of a few forms, envelopes and stamps per year it is too low of a cost to lose the possibility. Plus, it's really funny to tell people the name and how I ended up in the national media.

If you are interested in forming a super PAC, the Federal Election Commission has all the forms to form a PAC along with instructions on filling out the forms. There is also a form letter available to convert the PAC to a super PAC you also need to submit. Make sure you also understand the periodic filing requirements for the organization to make sure you are complying with federal election laws.